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Canvas shoulder bag hemp and organic cotton, for men or women. Design - superb finishes - Strength. Sativa manufacturing

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  • 55.70€ Available

    Versatile single-strap bag ideal for your daily commute, designed in themp oile and organic cotton, this bag has several pockets on the outside and an iPhone phone pocket integrated into the strap. The bag can be worn on the chest or back. This bag is padded on the back to keep you comfortable throughout the day. Adjustable shoulder strap, pzipped...

  • 49.30€ Available

    Sativa's little shoulder bag is an everyday, stylish bag with just enough space for all your personal belongings. The bag has two main pockets with a secret pocket for your valuables or little secrets. A carabiner inside for you to attach your keys,  adjustable strap is fully removable to create a pouch that can be belted or slipped into a larger...

  • 80.20€ Available

    Bag A4 format type "schoolboy" multi-portage.  It can be used as a Messenger bag Briefcase or backpack by changing the position of the strap... It can also be very distinguished with the hand. Superbly organized. Designed in a canvas of hemp and organic cotton. Closure and sturdy stitching! Lead-free dyes. 30 x 38 x 15 cm  

  • 54.00€ Available

    This man or woman in canvas of hemp and organic cotton shoulder bag hidden under his flap pockets multitudes. The large main compartment has a pocket in the Interior as well as the carabiner to your key. The small main space also hides a Pocket zipped along the entire length. The adjustment of the shoulder will ensure you absolute comfort! Size: 28 cm x...

  • 49.26€ Available

    C A4 size bag is of ecological and ethical design. It is made of organic hemp and cotton canvas, an impeccable finish, a quality always at the highest level.  Main zipped compartment + 4 zipped pockets (inside and outside), several pockets without zip, a carabiner for these keys, an adjustable shoulder strap ... Width: 36 cm, Height: 30...

  • 37.00€ Available

    Medium format package mounted on adjustable shoulder strap. This organic fabric bag will contain agenda or large door checkbook in addition to your small essential. The main compartment closes with a magnetic flap. He has his small pocket zipped inside with a pocket and put-away pens. 25 cm x 22 cm x 6 cm  

  • 34.50€ Available

    With its small effigy of the hemp leaf, this Pure unisex bag can be worn on a shoulder strap or belt thanks to these 2 passers-by on the back. It is made from a fabric made of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton. In its interior, a zipped pocket, a counter pocket as well as pen storage.Size: 21 x 19 x 4 cm  

  • 36.00€ Available

    With its small effigy of the hemp leaf, this Pure unisex bag can be worn on a shoulder strap or belt thanks to these 2 passers-by on the back. It is made from a fabric made of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton.  In its interior, a zipped pocket, a counter pocket as well as pen storage. Size: 21 x 19 x 4 cm    

  • 20.00€ Available

    Small bag woman hemp and organic cotton for women or girl. Its main space closed by a flap and a pressure hides two compartments, one of which still contains a small zippered pocket. Its long, thin shoulder strap is adjustable on the back there are two loops for easy carrying on the belt. Size: H 13 cm x W 15 cm x 4.5 cm Ep

  • 18.25€ Available

    In a 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton weave, here is a small adjustable shoulder pouch consisting of two small compartments over the entire height. Pouch with the possibility of slipping in your kit such as phone, iphone, and other phone, glasses, small camera, tissues, cigarettes, etc .... be careful, take the measurements of your phone, some recent...

  • 50.00€ Available

    This unisex shoulder bag in chanvre and organic cotton is ideal for those who don't want to carry a bulky bag despite a nice volume. It will contain all your belongings, a small bottle of water 7 zipped compartments including 3 closures on outdoor. A inside, two opened parts et a carabiner for your keys. Sangle set. Height: 26 cm x 27 cm x 13 cm 

  • 44.00€ Available

    Shoulder bag man nice outfit. This bag is sturdy, reliable and environmentally friendly design, it is designed in a web of hemp and organic cotton. Main compartment "enhanced" closed zipped contains a zip pocket, carabiner and storage pens. In addition, against a pocket in the flap and a zippered pocket in the back of the bag.Dimension:Height 14 cm x 18...

  • 86.00€ Available

    Diaper bag canvas hemp and organic cotton with a removable changing mat. 2 in 1 nursery bag changing bag in A4 .... Beefy and all green for mom and baby bio! Size:42cm x 32 cm x 20 cm

  • 44.00€ Available

    Saccoche adjustable shoulder strap for men or women, to help you permanently! Saccoche a solidly designed with reliable closures hemp canvas and organic cotton. Its main compartment contains a zippered pocket, a pocket against a small hook for your keys. In addition to a beautiful zippered pocket on the back and a magnet on the front.Height:16cm x 22cm x 8cm

  • 40.83€ Available

    Bag shoulder strap in hemp and organic cotton. Consisting of a main compartment with a small zipped pocket inside. On the front of the bag, 2 zippered pockets, on the side two pressure pockets, and finally on the back a long zipped pocket. Adjustable strap, presence of leather on the pulls.Height: 27 cm x 25 x 11  

  • 57.00€ Available

    Carry your equipment with sobriety in this adjustable shoulder man bag. This bag features pockets and put-aways throughout! For well organized men or who want to become! :) Size: 24 cm x 27 cm x 13 cm

  • 33.50€ Available

    Background medium format in hemp and organic cotton. This package has the double feature shoulder strap and belt. Simple and effective. You easily update the paperback addition to your paper. The main components close with magnetic pressure. Size: 17 cm x 23 cm x 11 cm

  • 80.00€ Available

    This laptop computer in canvas of hemp and organic cotton bag will you be accompanied during your travels. Ideal for files and PC, c hardwaree computer bag is provided with all necessary storage. Quiet, solid and elegant! Size: 29 cm x 39 x 9 cm. Size PC maximum 36/37 cm  

  • 57.50€ Available

    This bag will be a good companion in addition to a duffel bag. It can slip from the rear on a suitcase with wheels telescoping handles. It features a main compartment with in the inside a zippered pocket, a pouch, a pocket book or phone, storage cards, carabiner. Its large opening allows to format A4 Size: 38 x 29 x 12 cm

  • 42.00€ Available

    Women's shoulder strap, it is designed in hemp and organic cotton. It closes with its magnetic flap, it has a large zipped pocket on the back and also a small zipped pocket inside and a place for the phone.The shoulder strap is adjustable. On the new manufactures, there is no longer the small hemp leaf engraved on the leather!Attention, the fasteners...

  • 49.92€ Available

    Light beace, made of hemp and organic cotton. A long shoulder strap will allow easy adjustment. The closure under the flap is done with the help of two magnets. On the back a large zipped pocket and inside, a portable pocket and a zipped pocket. N't suitable for carrying weight on a daily basis Not suitable for vegans.Size: 31 cm wide x 25 cm high  

  • 24.58€ Available

    Handy little bag adjustable shoulder strap. It consists of two side bellows pockets and a central compartment. A bag made from a fabric hemp and organic cotton. A zippered side, the other with a snap closure. On top of a central compartment (10x19 cm) secured with pressure. Size: 25 x 22 cm x 2-7

  • 49.92€ Available

    Pure bag in hemp and organic cotton of size (A5++) type Agenda / ledger pocket on adjustable shoulder strap. The zipped main compartment hides under the magnetic flap, and has its small zipped pocket, a phone pocket and pen storage. Under the flap a counter pocket and a zipped pocket on the back of the bagDimension: height: 28 x 23 x 8 cm 

  • 66.00€ Available

    Grosse A4 size bag in hemp and organic cotton. A long shoulder strap will allow easy adjustment. The main compartment under the flap (magnetized) contains 4 pockets including a small zipped. Still under the flap but on the front of the main compartment, a large zipped pocket. A large zipped pocket is also available on the back of the bag.Size: Height:...

  • 37.00€ Available

    Flat shoulder bag, a bit like body bag... Carrying close to the body. Composed of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton. The back of the bag is designed in a recyclable waterproof tarpaulin without PVC, chlorine.Dimension : Width : 31 cm x height : 26 cm. 

  • 61.80€ Available

    Canvas hemp and organic cotton, this is a padded bag to house your PC up to 15.6 ". This bag can be worn on the back, crossing the shoulder strap on the fasteners provided for this purpose, carried by hand or worn over the shoulder by adjusting the adjustable strap on the side (full description below on this page)Dimensions: Height 38 cm x 32 cm x 13 cm 

  • 47.12€ Available

    this bag contains many compartments, pockets and zippers to store many effects: indoors and outdoors.C e ecological and ethical bag in hemp and organic cotton is created   maintaining the level of finish detail, quality always at the highest level.  width: 24 cm, height: 19 cm, depth: 7cm approx

  • 72.50€ Available

    Here is a large shoulder bag (removable) or by hand. It is designed in a way solid canvas 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton. A large main compartment which contains three large zippered pockets, one + a small hook to hang keys. A large zippered pocket on the back pockets and two magnetized "bellows" on the front.Dimension:31 cm x 41 cm x 12 cm

  • 34.17€ Available

    Simple and effective, small ecological and Vegan bag hemp and organic cotton. Reliable closure with 2 magnets, a small zipped pocket, a pocket-cons and pens storage in a fully lined interior. Belt loop on the back, shoulder adjustable.Dimensions: Width 22cm / 20cm height / thickness 5cm

  • 41.00€ Available

    Protection ipad, laptop bag 13 "H ousse padded for laptop or tablet, made entirely from hemp and organic cotton. bag with carry handles and a detachable shoulder strap, as well as the side pockets for documents. T certified ecological eintures.dimensions: 35 x 25 x 2, 5cm

  • 49.26€ Available

    This shoulder bag is designed to simplify your life without compromising style or the qualities ecological. With so many compartments and pockets, this little bag is big enough to hold plenty of different things to keep everything safe for complete comfort.20cm (length) x 7cm (depth) x 20cm (height)

  • 30.42€ Available

    Bag with porting options: shoulder strap or / >  The spacious main compartment with separate sewn separately compartment has a flap with magnetic button. An insertion Pocket underneath allows you to quickly access keys, mobile phone, etc. The riveted strap is adjustable and removable, which also allow you to carry the bag attached to the belt buckle.

  • 27.00€ Available

    Strap or belt, as you want! < br />  Through a loop of the belt at the back of the bag, you can vary the port according to your mood. In addition to one against pocket under the flap in the zipped main compartment, there is an additional compartment. The strap is adjustable in length.

  • 66.50€ Available

    A nice companion for studies or work. With plenty of storage space, this bag offers enough space for a laptop or folders. In addition to small pockets plated inside, you will also find an inner zipped pocket, one under the flap, and one on the back of the bag.To adapt to all morphologies l a shoulder strap is adjustable in length. Height: 29 cm, width:...

  • 26.25€ Available

    Bag Shoulder Strap Small but very practical. With large adjustable shoulder strap. Positing several inner and outer pockets. Front pocket with quick access For women who wish to be organized without the mic mac of classic handbags of woman.     Description written by Sarah.  

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