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  • Hemp rope by the meter

    The hemp rope has three strands, and is available in several diameters: 3/4/6/8/1/12/16 and 20 mm (4 strands), for a natural and effective result. Hemp is one of the first plants used by man for centuries especially for the manufacturing of ropes. She has a natural smell that fades with time, a soft touch and nice and offers you different uses indoors (decoration, creative leisure, stairs...) and outdoor (tackle, marine world, riding...).

    The corde of hemp is sensitive to weather and degrade in time outside. The length of the rope can vary depending on the humidity of the air: the rope will tend to get shorter in wet weather and vice versa, if the weather is dry, the rope will grow. In addition, the rope has very good resistance to breakage and abrasion and is hardly flammable, very good resistance to heat. She is totally environmentally friendly and biodegradable, it is a renewable raw material.

  • Strap hemp meter

    Bulk sale of hemp strap 100% for spring or use different - seat belt, lifting, towing ...

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