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Hemp on your plate

Healthy and organic with part of our range made in France! 

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  • 4.70€ Available

    Dark chocolate at hemp Cocoa fair trade growth SPP certified Made in France Manufacture Craft High content in Protein Paste and cocoa butter, sugar roux hemp flour 7 %, hemp seeds kernels 7 %

  • 6.50€ Available

    Black hemp & dates cao equitable SPP certified Made in France manufacturing No added sugars 100% raw Sweet flavor thanks to the date To be planced without guilt 70 grams chocolate table

  • 1.90€ Available

    Snack for little hollows Ready to use Suitable for vegans Rich in Fibers Sugar-free Added Made in France Convenient format take away Galette de 30 grams

  • 10.00€ Available

    Mix protein hemp, black rice and cocoa Completeal proteins (8 essential amino acids)No added sugarsEasy digestible and assimilable100% rawFor the preparation of cocoa drinksFor the preparation of cocoa serves250 gram box 

  • 1.50€ Available

    Wheat bar, cherries and hemp seeds With delicious cherries, peanuts, cashews, pumpkin seeds and of course the tender peeled hemp seeds, this bar is perfect for small hollows and gourmet breaks.    

  • 4.00€ Available

    Hemp bar, sesame and honey.Excellent and addictive, these bars will follow you everywhere.All ingredients are certified organic and the calorie content is rather low with 105Kcal per bar.Rich in unsaturated fatty acid and protein, these bars are perfect for the little ones in case and gourmet breaks. 

  • 4.40€ Available

    Thanks to the new recipe, organic dark chocolate is even better and even crunchier. Freshly roasted whole hemp seeds meet vegan hemp protein powder, Fairtrade cocoa and real bourbon vanilla. With at least 54% cocoa, fine dark chocolate tastes not too sweet, slightly nutty and intensely chocolatey. As before, no ingredients of animal origin are used, so...

  • 4.40€ Available

    Fairtrade cocoa chocolate bar for a snack with a clear conscience. Whole, finely roasted hemp seeds crunch deliciously bite by bite. Other carefully selected ingredients such as real bourbon vanilla and a cocoa content of at least 35% make milk chocolate a full-bodied and delicately melting taste experience.

  • 12.50€ Available

    Organic hemp protein powder can make a valuable contribution to balanced nutrition with a protein content of about 50%, valuable omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and a rich fiber content.

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    Out of stock

    Concentrated and purely vegetable with 70% ProteinProtein is an important prerequisite for a healthy diet as well as muscle building. Organic hemp protein powder contains many natural and essential nutrients such as polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins (folic acid, thiaminel), minerals (iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium)...

Results 1 - 10 on 10.

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