Sweatshirts and pullover

Collection of organic sweaters and sweaters for men, made by Hempage in a hemp textile and organic cotton, certified and traded clothing. Clothing sometimes made of recycled fiber, you will find warm and comfortable sweaters for winter, V-neck models, zipped collar, lighter sweaters for summer... For all tastes and seasons!

Sweatshirts and pullover

Sweat zipped collar amount

Sweat man, hemp muleton and organic cotton, soft and very flexible to wear. Zip collar size and grey contrasting fabric inside the neck. An indispensable garment for your relaxing days or at home.
Sweatshirts and pullover

Puller of wool, organic cotton hemp

Pull for men with high neck, zipper, soft and comfortable knit.The edge of the sleeves, the base and the collar are china. A classic and indispensable article of winter.
Winter hooded sweater Winter hooded sweater 2
  • -23%
Sweatshirts and pullover

Winter hood sweat

€80.08 €104.00
Here is a very beautiful winter sweater in large mesh of recycled hemp and organic cotton. Hooded sweater, knitted, linen, clamp, zipper.Here is an original model combining ethical and ecological fashion!
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Tee shirt Henley - Boutonné homme

Henley with long sleeves, buttoned collar, metal buttons nickel Composition: 55% hemp - 45% organic cotton, 200 gr/m2
Unisex sweatshirt Unisex sweatshirt 2
  • -10%
Men and woman clothes

Sweat relaxation unisex

€57.60 €64.00
Sweat man and woman in soft weaving, ribbed collar and wrist for a good outfit. The essential of relaxing days!Composition: 55% hemp - 45% organic cotton, 330gr/m2
Velvet jacket Velvet jacket 2
  • -25%
Men and woman clothes

Hemp velvet block

€82.50 €110.00
Indemodible and well cut, this beautiful jacket has a look, in velvet ribbed, zipper, two pockets, high neck. One ideal article for autumn freshness!
Sweater with wool - V-neck Sweater with wool - V-neck 2
  • -10%
Men and woman clothes

Pull man collar V hemp and wool

LZ311 - DH
€99.00 €110.00
Men's sweater, classic cut with V-neck, knitted look,Exterior: 100% wool, interior : mesh organic cotton yarn and hemp for a soft resultto wear the skin!
Men zipped collar sweater Men zipped collar sweater 2
  • -7%
Men and woman clothes

Men zipped collar sweater

€96.72 €104.00
Trucker style sweater with a zipped collar for all seasons. Composition: 55% hemp and 45% organic cottonGrammage: 560 gr/m2
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Men's shawl neck sweater

Knitted men's sweater with a contrasting shawl collar, low sleeve and low rib sweater that tightens slightly. Composition: 55% hemp, 45% organic cottonGrammage: 465 gr/m2
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Men's rolled collar sweater

Pull neck roll in knitted fabric, rib finishes at the bottom of the sleeve and garment.Elegant and simple, it will accompany you both at work and outside. Composition: 55% hemp - 45% organic cotton, 405 gr/m2
Men's jersey sweater - hempage Men's jersey sweater - hempage 2
  • -5%
Men and woman clothes

Men's jersey sweater - hempage

€50.11 €52.75
Hempage sweater for men, long sleeves, jersey, ripped collar with V cut.55% real hemp, 45% organic cotton, 215 gr/m2
Men Hempage

Hooded sweat for men

Hemp and organic cotton hood sweat with a ventral pocket. Available in several colorsComposition: 55% Hemp - 45% organic cotton, 330 gr/m2
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Rolled neck sweater man

Tricoté sweater in hemp and organic cotton, with a rolled neck in ribbed finish.Compositions: 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton, 210 gr/m2
Men and woman clothes

Pull Man hemp, organic cotton and yak wool

Men's fine sweater in hemp, organic cotton and yak woolelegant and refined, both for work and leisure. Grammar: 140g/m2Composition: 80% organic cotton, 14% hemp , 6% yak wool