Hemp string waxed with potato starch, for a result of the most ecological, biological possible. Natural or coloured string (Oeko-Tex certified). Cello for macramé, sponge.

Sale of hemp rope 2mm - pure hemp rope waxed (potato starch). The 100m are about 350gr. Equipped from European culture and manufacture in 20, 80, 200, 830 or 1250 meters. 
Hemp string with a diameter of about 3 mm - 3 strands, waxed with potato starch.For multiple uses: guinder string, delimit, suspend, decorate, bind ...Breaking load 81 kg about 130m/kg
Hemp thread

1 mm waxed - hemp string

1 mm in 100% hemp 2 strands, raw and waxed (potato starch).Natural color beige, varies according to the productions, without dye, it is the color of fiber. The diameter may present irregularities.
Hemp thread

1.5mm - hemp waxed string -

Coil of about 1.5 mm in coil diameter of 20m, 100m, 330m, 650m and 1900 meters. 100% hemp rustic appearance and slightly waxed to starch potato.
Hemp thread

1 mm waxed color string - 90 m

90m pure hemp thread coil with a diameter of about 1 mm on cardboard tube, with waxed effect (compressed). Ficelle from hemp fiber cultivated and processed in Europe. Certified ecological teats, free from any harmful or toxic products for humans and the environment.