Polished twine

Sales of hemp twine 2mm - pure string waxed hemp (potato starch). The 100m is about 350gr. Twine from European cultivation and manufacture in packaging of 20, 80, 200, 830 or 1250 meters.  
Hemp twine with a diameter of about 3 mm - 3 strands, waxed with potato starch. For multiple uses: string to be guinder, delimit, suspend, decorate, bind ... Breaking load 81 kg about 130m/kg
Hemp thread

1 mm waxed - hemp twine

1 mm string in 100% hemp 2 strands, raw and waxed appearance (potato starch).   Natural color beige, varies according to the productions, without dyeing, it is the color of fiber. The diameter may have irregularities.
Hemp thread

1.5 mm - hemp waxed twine

String of about 1.5 mm in diameter in coil of 20m, 100m, 330m, 650m and 1900 meters. String 100% hemp rustic appearance and slightly waxed with potato starch.
Hemp thread

String color 1 mm waxed - 90 m

90m coil of pure hemp wire with a diameter of about 1 mm on cardboard tube, with waxed effect (compressed). String from hemp fibre grown and processed in Europe. Certified ecological dyes, free of any products harmful or toxic to humans and the environment.