Weaving thread, crochet

Magnificent hemp thread to knit or crochet. Hemp thread useful for your weaving, not waxed thread. Fil without any treatment, just a natural defibration of the hemp plan. European culture and transformation.

Hemp thread

1 mm waxed color string - 90 m

90m pure hemp thread coil with a diameter of about 1 mm on cardboard tube, with waxed effect (compressed). Ficelle from hemp fiber cultivated and processed in Europe. Certified ecological teats, free from any harmful or toxic products for humans and the environment.
Here are small reels of 20m of 6 strands colored non-targeted. The diameter of the wire is about 0.7 mm. This thread will serve in shadowy applications: crochet, necklace, scrap booking, sewing...and much more! Yarn from European culture and manufacture dyed with certified IMO control + Oekotex standard 100.
For the house

Fiber of raw hemp

Fiber of raw hemp for your DIYs like cushion filling, doll, armchair, torch mix or for decoration! This is the carded raw fibre that is used for the manufacture of hemp yarn and therefore the raw material of our tissues!It is the same type of fiber that is used in sanitary insulation or sealing.
Hemp thread

12 strands not waxed - 1.5mm

For weaving, crochet, necklaces ... hemp yarn in 12 strands of about 1.5mm. Packed with 10, 60, 200 and 800 meters.European culture and manufacture (Romania last cradle of hemp thread)
Hemp thread

6 strands not waxed - 0.8mm

Hemp yarn 6 strands 100% not waxed hemp with a diameter of about 0.8 mm. Wire for hook, weaving, necklace ... in coil of 20, 130, 400, 1650, 3300 meters (Fil 10/6 - 100 gr thread equivalent to about 160m).For a purchase of a 20m coil, a letter rate will be offered in the order sequence. 
Pure white hemp on 1kg cone.Thread 6 strands of approximately 0.8mm - Nm 10/6 (1kg -- raised 1650m)Thread 3 strands of about 0.4mm - Nm 10/3 (1kg --about 3300m)100% hemp of european culture and manufacture.
Hemp thread

3 strands not waxed 0.4mm

crochet thread or weaving. Fil 100% hemp 3 strands on tube cardboard with a diameter of about 0.4mm.Reel 40, 160, 650 or 3300 m.(Fil 10/3 - 100 gr of wire equals about 330m). For a 40m coil purchase a letter rate will be offered in the order process.The waxed wire only exists in 1kg coil.
Hemp thread

1 strand - 100% hemp

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Thread in pure hemp on conical tube. Thread 10/1 is 10 km for 1 kg. Sewing thread but not suitable for sewing machine since the thread is sometimes irregular.100% european hemp, cultivated without fertilizer or chemical treatment.