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In this section you will find organic clothing for men hemp fabric. This collection is fair trade, it is proposed by the brand HempAge clothing manufacturer ecological and ethical man. The benefit of nature and natural fibers


  • Sweat / Sweaters

    Collection of sweaters or sweatshirts biological man made by HempAge in textile hemp and organic cotton clothing certified fair trade. Clothes sometimes recycled fiber, you will find warm and comfortable sweater for the winter, models V-neck collar zipped sweaters lighter for the summer ... For all tastes and all seasons!

  • Jackets - jackets
    HempAge we offer jackets, vests for men. Jacket textile hemp or hemp and organic cotton. Here is a nice collection fair trade. Jacket or vest jersey thick jacket outerwear for summer or winter, mild or hot, you are bound to find the model you are looking for!
  • Pants
    Here is the collection of pants brand HempAge, organic and fair trade clothing, hemp pure or mixed with cotton. A wide selection of men's pants: Jeans, tracksuits, trousers relaxation lattice form, chic chino ... for all tastes and all kinds!
  • Hemp shirts

    We offer you on this page a collection of pure hemp shirt or mixed with cotton, Brand HempAge. A wide selection of men's shirt: casual, office or any special occasions. HempAge the reference hemp clothing fair trade.

  • Socks

    For the comfort and health of your feet! Nothing like hemp socks, insulating, anti-bacterial, soft and a comfort ... They are manufactured in Germany by HempAge.

  • T-Shirt - Polo

    Collection Tee Shirt and polo shirt pure hemp or hemp and organic cotton. Clothing brand HempAge. HempAge is a pioneer in the fair trade in hemp and organic cotton.

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