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Dresses & Skirts Women often mixed organic hemp and organic cotton. Long or short dresses for summer, and topped by thick or thin jersey, you find cool colors and certified Okotex.

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  • 110.40€ Available

    Very feminine and fashionable, this is a small winter thick fabric and fancy dress, she has a slightly high collar to keep you safe from air currents, and slits on the sides for maximum comfort. It is quite short and will perfectly with pretty leggins or tights fantasies!< p>Worn without moderation to be flirtatious and green this winter! < /p>

  • 57.60€ Available

    Tunic dress in hemp and organic cotton certified "Végan" and certified environmentally/socially. Dress with sleeve trumpet and a central ornamental seam.

  • 57.60€ Available

    Tunic dress in a jersey fabric, hemp, organic and spandex 240gr / m² cotton. A collar a little off, the stitching, slightly flared, this pretty dress is pretty close to the body, can be worn with leggings or pretty colored tights to give color to the fall!

  • 75.60€ -15% 64.26€ Available

    Hempage offers us a very feminine dress, she has 3/4 sleeves, she is fitted by an elastic band at the waist, and can be worn with a belt to be even prettier!Its length is just above the knee, she fits in all seasons, casual with flats, all dressed up with heels or boots.

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  • 97.50€ -50% 48.75€ Available

    Beautiful winter dress, very fashion and vintage, it is designed for optimal comfort in a network of 300 g / m² with 28% organic cotton, hemp and 5% elastane. Dress after the fair HempAge collection

    97.50€ -50% 48.75€
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  • 72.00€ Available

    LZ384 EPO |Top transparent and slightly knitted asymmetrical, < SPyear > extended side seams < /.span >100% hemp, 170g / m²./ span >normal adjustment. Vegan |

  • 72.00€ Available

    Ladjusted slightly, dress trapeze to discreet seams 68% of organic cotton, 29% real alcohol, 3% elastane, < /.span >230 gr / m²./ span >slim cut. Vegan

  • 81.60€ -20% 65.28€ Available

    Beautiful shape, 3/4 sleeve dress, the fabric has a discrete grid, this is a very nice article to wear on all occasions!Round neck, closing in the back, this very feminine dress fits all body types by its flared shape and is doing as well in the winter with tights in summer with cute stilettos!Size XS = 36, S = 38, M = 40, L = 42, XL = 44

    81.60€ -20% 65.28€
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  • 67.20€ Available

    Summer dress made in a soft, light fabric spirals, pretty worked collar, thin belt at the waist to put your figure!

  • 62.40€ Available

    Pretty skater style dress, sleeveless and flared well with beautiful cutouts to showcase your figure! Soft fabric and beautiful dress, with a little spandex for added comfort. A simple and elegant model!

  • 43.20€ Available

    Here's a simple skirt in fine jersey of hemp and organic cotton with a little elastane (3%) for more flexibility. Skirt corresponding to the criterion Vegan.

  • 48.00€ Available
    Nouv. coloris

    Very pretty women's tunic with its rounded forms, short sleeves, but not too much, its mesh is light is very original. Here is an article that you'll love to wear because it is very comfortable and it is easily on a daily basis!

  • 57.60€ Available

    Very nice tunic inspired by Japanese traditional clothing, its shape is rather casual, it is designed in a very pretty stitch and its fabric is contrasting to the level at the end of the sleeves and the neck!An article to offer as soon as the heat for being uncomfortable and cool! < /p>

  • 45.00€ -45% 24.75€ Available

    What use for long t-shirt, pants or a mini skirt A nice crease in the neck to accentuate the forms. Apparel designed by Hempage in a jersey 70% organic cotton and hemp 30% 190 g / m²

    45.00€ -45% 24.75€
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  • 45.60€ -38% 28.27€ Available

    In 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton in a jersey fabric 200g / m², Hempage offers us this little dress color polo neck Vintage category. Hempage manufacturer equitable hemp clothing and organic cotton.

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  • 74.40€ -60% 29.76€ Product available with other options
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    With a pleasant boat neck, right here is a tunic dress with very short sleeves, color / contrast materials on the collar and exposed seams. Clothing with certified raw materials and production.                

    74.40€ -60% 29.76€
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  • 93.00€ -40% 55.80€ Available

    Pretty summer dress in hemp and silk fabric front and hemp and organic cotton for the back. A thin dress, sweet and very airy, very feminine with its cowl neck, after the Hempage Spring 2015 collection.

    93.00€ -40% 55.80€
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  • 63.60€ -48% 33.07€ Available

    Dress woman from the collection Hempage certified and designed in a weaving hemp and organic cotton on the top and a cotton weaving hemp and organic elastane on the lower band.

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  • 64.80€ -60% 25.92€ Available

    Screen-printed skirt made of 76% organic cotton and 24% hemp in a colorful screenprinted weaving a result some "Vintage". Lightweight 150 gr / m². Skirt from the collection of certified fair HempAge

    64.80€ -60% 25.92€
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  • 45.60€ -50% 22.80€ Available

    Light skirt 76% bio cotton and 24% hemp, links to raise your taste, a shoelace to adjust the size. -150 gr/m²                              

    45.60€ -50% 22.80€
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  • 43.20€ -45% 23.76€ Available

    Here is the essential skirt for summer! Very comfortable, lightweight and fashionable with its printed, that line skirt is designed in a cotton weaving and organic hemp. It comes from the collection of HempAge fair. Zipper and button on the back.

    43.20€ -45% 23.76€
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  • 61.80€ -50% 30.90€ Available

    Sleeveless Dress, following the ethical collection and HempAge certified, designed in a hemp fabric and organic cotton. Dress with a fallen below the knee and embellished on one side ruching from waist to shoulder.

    61.80€ -50% 30.90€
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  • 81.60€ Available
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