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Scarves hemp or hemp and organic cotton, woven hats or crochet, hat, summer and winter, cap square or round belts, men and women, hemp soles, carpets ...

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  • 24.00€ Available

    Here is a beautiful alternatively for your scarf. Tube, colourful, ethics, textile hemp ecological and organic cotton.

  • 9.40€ Available

    Calf height socks, thick and warm, very comfortable to wear with their inner Terry. These socks are also suitable for hiking and all your outdoor activities. Hemp in my socks Yes! Hemp does not grow bacteria, is an excellent insulator, it is thermo well and wicks moisture ...

  • 9.40€ Available

    Socks extra fine collection HempAge. Composed of 94% hemp - 4% Polyamide - 2% spandex. Made in Germany.

  • 6.00€ Available

    Socks made of hemp and organic cotton elastane. Fine, light and very confortable.Ces socks are perfect socks for summer sports or leisure, or for thermo-well strips regulated feet Hemp in my socks Yes! Hemp does not grow bacteria, is an excellent insulator, it is thermoregulatory and wicks moisture well ...

  • 40.00€ Available

    Here is a stole or shawl to put on your shoulders, for the coolness of the evening or to protect you from the sun, to put around the neck, its airy and vaporous material will bring you comfort and great softness.Length 2,50m.Vegan and eco-certified article

  • 20.00€ Available

    Very pretty unisex wrist gaiter, knitted in rice dot type pattern with sparkling colors and the possibility of matching with the cap of the same pattern. (Matched beret Click here )   Composition: 55% hemp - 45% organic cottons Weight: 545 gr/m²

  • 24.00€ Available

    Very nice beret with several choices of autumn colors. To match it I recommend the mitt or wrist gaiter here and / where the scarf here   Composition: 55% hemp - 45% organic cotton Weight: 445g/m²

  • 32.00€ -10% 28.80€ Available

    Unisex scarf in cotton and recycled hemp organic. This beautiful scarf simple and soft will offer you protection and comfort this winter! < /p>The colours are hunted, it matches the CAP LZ405 for men and LZ407 for women!Ethical and fair collection Bio Hempage accessory < 2017.p >

    32.00€ -10% 28.80€
    Price reduced!
  • 48.00€ Available

    Scarf for women and men, in organic cotton and hemp mesh, winter colors to match with all your outfits! To keep you warm gently ;-)

  • 13.33€ -50% 6.67€ Available

    A hat made of hemp and recycled silk embroidery thread. A funnel shape to adapt to all the heads of about 56 cm. For man or woman.

    13.33€ -50% 6.67€
    Price reduced!
  • 15.83€ Available

    A hat crocheted hemp/cotton green colours for coloured hook. A wire of copper on its outside to vary its shape, or the fold/unfold for ranger in his bag! These hats are hand-made at the Nepal, the aspect can slightly vary!

  • 15.83€ Available

    A hat crocheted in hemp and cotton! There is also a good idea to have hidden a copper wire on the outside of the hat to give it the desired shape! It folds and unfolds easily, convenient to slip into its bag. Effectively protects from the sun head tower : about 56 cm ... It's crochet, this hat will necessarily fit your head!

  • 15.83€ Available

    A pretty large head-trick hat about 58 cm long. Hat from Nepalese culture and manufacture. A hemp and cotton crochet edge and top embellished with bits of hemp cloth of various colors.

  • 15.83€ Available

    A 50-52 cm head-round child hat. Hat from Nepalese culture and manufacture. A hemp and cotton crochet edge and top embellished with pieces of hemp cloth of various colors.Very flexible, effectively protects from the harmful effects of our beloved sun!

  • 24.17€ Available

    Hemp belt. Handmade, fine natural hemp twine macrame work. For its beauty or the benefits of hemp on the body, as you would say, our < em >very old s who were familiar with the strings or soothing strings of hemp around their waist, for its effects on the kidneys, "what they said."... Size: 110 cm (without the loop) x 3.5 cm    

  • 21.50€ Available

    belt in pure hemp, handmade, natural and strong aesthetic!adjustable at wish. For its beauty or the benefits of hemp on the body, as you would say, our very old s using the strings and soothing strings of hemp around the waist, for its effects on the kidneys and back.size: 102 cm (without the loop) x 3.5 cm

  • 26.67€ Available

    Belt hemp. Made hand, with green dyes, here again a beautiful creation in hemp. Adjustable at wish...  .

  • 24.83€ Available

    Two-tone hemp bread bag, made in Brittany, it measures 58 cm X 28 cm, you can carry your baguettes and breads of all kinds! Hemp will keep your bread in a healthy atmosphere and prevent it from drying out too quickly.Closure by hemp drawstring. Two handles make it easy to carry your bag and hang it nicely in your kitchen!

  • 20.83€ Available

    Jolie bob with different colors available. Size: About 56/58  

  • 12.08€ Available

    European culture and clothing here is a pretty original cap of 100% hemp. Bonnet designed in a nice knit hemp, with a setback for more protection. This insulating cap will seduce you as much for its comfort winter for protection against UV. One Size

  • 21.00€ Available

    Here's a CAP in hemp cotton and recycled bio, it is very thick and really soft and comfortable to wear. Take cover this winter gentlemen! From the fair and ethical collection Hempage accessory. < /p >

  • 23.00€ Available

    Casual hat for women, a trendy shape to enjoy the outdoors in peace. Soft mesh, soft and very comfortable.

  • 12.08€ Available

    Jersey cap of European culture and confection here is a nice original cap in hemp and linen. Possibility to make a setback.   One size fits all Materials: 42% hemp and 58% flax

  • 15.89€ Available

    Pure hemp, fine weaving, an aspect and a tie made different, natural. Length 150 cm width 9.5 cm at the base.    

  • 44.00€ Available

    Shoes or slippers with pure hemp inside pure wool, a lightweight shoe (320gr per pair), warm and durable. EVA sole. Made in Germany.

  • 29.17€ Available

    Switched bath slide cloth pur hemp... Here is an original and unique production for a very pleasant and exceptional result. We love its fresh, heavy and natural side. Made to last, it wipes perfectly well! Always wash a first time before use for better absorption.Dimension: 125 cm x 75 cm 

  • 12.50€ Available

    Here is finally back the hemp washcloth! Two different faces, one made of 100% hemp fabric and the other with hemp hook. A simple and effective article to cleanse your body gently. 

  • 23.33€ Available

    Large towel in pure hemp ribbed mesh.. We offer you for a result always very pleasant and unique this large towel. Loved for its fresh, heavy and natural side.Originality and efficiency guaranteed! To offer or to offer!  Always wash a first time before use for better absorption.Dimension: 100 cm x 50 cm 

  • 9.17€ Available

    Large hemp hook toilet wipe. Can be used for toileting instead of glove, very airy it dries faster and is extremely soft, moms love it to wash their babies! It is also used for dishes, hand towels ... or of course, free to your needs for other uses! From the most beautiful effect in your interior and very effective to absorption (after a first wash)....

  • 183.33€ Available

    Savese and wool with a dimension of 120x180cm. Thick consistency, made from fiber and European production.Well  insulating and very healthy, and the most beautiful effect in your bedroom where your living room.

  • 36.00€ Available

    scarf point of brioche, which can be matched with the href<=""> beret and <a href=""> Hempage mittens.   composition: 55% hemp - 45% organic cotton, 560gr/m²

  • 40.00€ Available

    classic style knitted scarf.outside: 100% woolinside: hemp jersey and organic cotton

  • 8.00€ Available

    Invisible hemp socks with organic certification, these socks come from a German /Hungarian manufacture. Socks composed of a base of 94% hemp. Ideal for sensitive feet.  

  • 10.00€ Available

    9% Yak wool, 49% organic cotton, 40% hemp and 2% elastane that will make a nice pair of socks for this winter. They are soft, thick and come above the ankle. 

  • 5.83€ Available

    Your ideal ally, they go unnoticed in your sneakers, these socks will provide you with perfect comfort in all your activities. The materials used give them thermoregulatory and antibacterial properties.   Composition: 50% organic cotton - 42% hemp - 6% polyamide - 2% elastane.

  • 32.00€ Available

    To protect you from the sun, this bob will be ideal. Discreet brand logos on the edge. Available in several summer colors and in 2 sizes. (S/M: 60 cm - L/XL: 63 cm) Composition: 80% hemp - 20% organic cotton, 200 gr/m²

  • 12.00€ Available

    Full of beautiful color to match your outfit or mood. Here is a banner for your hair in jersey hemp and organic cotton - easy of maintenance!

  • 20.00€ Available

    Classic belt with on the buckle the logos of the hempage brand. A single size, available in 3 discreet colors. Composition: 55% hemp - 45% organic cotton

  • 16.00€ Available

    Hair headband with tightening in the center, in hemp and organic cotton of the hempage brand. Several colors available to match your headband to your outfit. Composition: 68% organic cotton, 27% hemp, 5% elastane, 185 gr/m². One size fits all

  • 20.00€ Available

    Bandeau avec nœud sur le devant, en chanvre et coton biologique recycler de la marque hempage. En tissus tricot. Plusieurs coloris disponibles pour assortir avec votre tenu préférée.   Composition : 38% chanvre recycler, 32% coton biologique recycler , 450 gr/m² Taille unique.

  • 7.00€ Available

    Rising sock with very discreet colored dot print. For dry feet and a pleasant touch.   Composition: 54% hemp, 44% organic cotton, 2% elastane

Results 1 - 41 on 41.

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