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Of the thread, the string of hemp, the braided cord for all your crafts and decoration work. A natural string in pure hemp proposed in 1, 1.5, 2 and 3 mm, the thread for your weaves or for the hook, solid and biodegradable cords. You will surely find what you need! All these products come from cultivation and ecological manufacturing without any chemical agents in the process of culture and processing. They are also vegan and are used in pool supplies, in food, for the packaging of natural cosmetics, for gardening, biological viticulture ...

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  • 1.58€ Available

    To make your choice, shipped in letter rate (proposed in the course of the order) here are the samples of pure hemp natural threads and strings. Length of about 10/15 cm

  • 1.92€ Available

    Weaving thread in pure hemp on conical tube. Wire of 10/1 that is to say 10 km for 1 kg. Thread of appearance "sewing thread" but not suitable for sewing in sewing machine because the thread is sometimes irregular. 100% European hemp, grown without fertilizers or chemical treatment.

  • 1.92€ Available

    Fil to crochet or for weaving. 100% hemp yarn 3 strands on cardboard tube with a diameter of about 0.4mm. Bobine of 40, 160, 650 or 3300 m. (Wire 10/3 - 100 gr of wire is equivalent to about 330m).  For a purchase of coil of 40m a letter rate will be offered to you in the order process. The waxed wire exists only in coils of 1kg.

  • 1.92€ Available

    Fil de chanvre 6 brins 100% chanvre non cirée d'un diamètre d'environ 0.8 mm. Fil pour crochet, tissage, collier ... en bobine de 20, 130, 400, 1650, 3300 mètres (Fil 10/6 - 100 gr de fil équivaut à environ 160m). Pour un achat d'une bobine de 20m, un tarif lettre vous sera proposé dans le déroulement de commande.  

  • 3.33€ Available

    For weaving, crochet, necklaces ... hemp wire in 12 strands of about 1.5mm. Wire in conditioning of 10, 60, 200 and 800 meters. European cultivation and manufacturing (Romania last cradle of hemp yarn)

  • 1.92€ Available

    Here are small coils of 20m of thread 6 colored strands not waxed. The diameter of the wire is about 0.7 mm. This thread will be used for shady applications: crochet, necklace, scrap booking, sewing ... and much more! Yarn from European culture and manufacture dyed with dyes certified IMO control + Oekotex standard 100.

  • 4.58€ Available

    90m coil of pure hemp wire with a diameter of about 1 mm on cardboard tube, with waxed effect (compressed). String from hemp fibre grown and processed in Europe. Certified ecological dyes, free of any products harmful or toxic to humans and the environment.

  • 26.42€ Available

    Pure white hemp on cone of 1kg. Fil 6 strands of about 0.8mm - Nm 10/6 (1kg --> 1650m) Fil 3 strands of about 0.4mm - Nm 10/3 (1kg --> 3300m) 100% Hemp grown and made in Europe.

  • 1.33€ Available

    1 mm string in 100% hemp 2 strands, raw and waxed appearance (potato starch).   Natural color beige, varies according to the productions, without dyeing, it is the color of fiber. The diameter may have irregularities.

  • 1.58€ Available

    String of about 1.5 mm in diameter in coil of 20m, 100m, 330m, 650m and 1900 meters. String 100% hemp rustic appearance and slightly waxed with potato starch.

  • 2.08€ Available

    Sales of hemp twine 2mm - pure string waxed hemp (potato starch). The 100m is about 350gr. Twine from European cultivation and manufacture in packaging of 20, 80, 200, 830 or 1250 meters.  

  • 1.92€ Available

    Hemp twine with a diameter of about 3 mm - 3 strands, waxed with potato starch. For multiple uses: string to be guinder, delimit, suspend, decorate, bind ... Breaking load 81 kg about 130m/kg

  • 5.42€ Available

    For your CRAFTS, lace-ups, clothing cords, here is a cord braided in 100% hemp. Reserly flexible and resistant. It is available in diameter 2.2 mm or 3.5 mm, in length of 10m and 50 meters.  

  • 7.92€ Available

    In 100% hemp, cord doubled by a core consisting of a cord of the lower diameter. Natural cord for solid shoelace or clothing drawstring, suspension link... Available in diameter 4.5 mm or 5.6mm, in length of 10m or 50 meters.  

  • 8.00€ Available

    Raw hemp fiber for your crafts as packing bag, doll, chair, decoration or gift packaging (such as raffia). This is the raw fiber is carded and used for the manufacture of wire and therefore for our hemp 100% hemp fabrics. This is the same type of fiber that is used in isolation or health tightness Conditioning pack 450 gr.

Results 1 - 15 on 15.

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