Men and woman clothes

For men and women: Clothing and/or biological and/or ethic accessories, ecological. Brand : Hempage, sativa, Naturellement Chanvre, etc...

Men and woman clothes

Unisex pyjamas trousers

unisex hemp and organic cotton pyjamas trousers, a breathable and heat-regulating material, perfect for peaceful nights. Gratity jersey, elastic waist with contrasting clamp cord.Compositions: 55% hemp - 45% organic cotton, 200gr/m2
Men and woman clothes

Long sleeve t-shirt - Hempage

Long sleeve t-shirt made of scratched jersey, wooden button. Very nice to wear and breathe. Clothing for the house or to sleep.Compositions: 55% hemp - 45% organic cotton, 200 gr/m2
Sweatshirts and pullover

Sweat zipped collar amount

Sweat man, hemp muleton and organic cotton, soft and very flexible to wear. Zip collar size and grey contrasting fabric inside the neck. An indispensable garment for your relaxing days or at home.
Wool sweater and organic fibers
  • -20%
Sweaters and sweatshirts

Wool woman sweater and organic fibers

€64.00 €80.00
Very beautiful woman sweater with wrists, stockings and circular knitted collar! Bead closure buttons on the back.Exterior: 100% wool, hemp yarn interior and organic cotton, here is a soft sweater that will keep you warm all winter.
Dresses - Tunics - Skirts

Chasuble dress skater

Beautiful skating style dress, sleeveless and well-escaped with beautiful cuts to highlight your silhouette!Soft fabric and beautiful outfit, with a littleelastane for even more comfort. A simple and elegant model!Size XS=36, S=38, M=40, L=42 Composition: 53% hemp - 44% organic cotton - 3% elastane, 240 gr/m2
Clothing & Accessories

Pure knitted hemp

Culture and European make-up here is a pretty original hat in 100% hemp. Beanie designed in a pretty hemp knit. This insulating hat will seduce you for its comfort in winter, as well as for its UV protection.One size.    
Short sleeve t-shirts

Hemp and organic cotton landing

Women's, comfortable and light disembarkation for the summer. casual cut, hip length. Declined in several colors to match your wardrobe! Compositions: 55% hemp - 45% organic cotton, 175 gr/m2
From a certified fair trade network, this is a pretty shirt for the beautiful days. It is worked in a beautiful pure hemp fabric very fine, its cut is quite slim, the colors a little "vintage" let out the hemp fiber. A chest pocket.
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Hemp socks 94% -

Fine socks from the Hempage collection. Composed of 94% hemp - 4% polyamide - 2% de spandex. The sock comes above the ankle. Ideal to regulate perspiration, avoid irritation of the feet.
Vest biological woman Vest biological woman 2
  • -60%
Men and woman clothes

Summer jacket in open mesh - XL

€30.40 €76.00
Magnificent hemp and organic cotton vest, a very feminine model, in open knit and 3/4 sleeves. An item to wear every day, on a small dress or a skirt, to be chic at the office while being ecolole!
Cotton Capris organic hemp - fair Cotton Capris organic hemp - fair 2
  • -50%
Men and woman clothes

Pantacourt organic cotton hemp S or 38

€28.00 €56.00
A pantacourt woman made of organic cotton and hemp. Clamping link at the size and bottom of the pantacourt. Cut worked with knee clamps, 2 pockets in front and behind. A light and truly comfortable fabric. Clothing from fair trade.
Hemp woman belt Hemp woman belt 2
Clothing & Accessories

Clothing hemp woman Macramé

Hemp belt.H handmade, nice work in macrame of natural hemp string.For its beauty or the benefits of hemp on the body, as you would say, our very olds who knew well the hemp ropes or strings around their size, for its soothing effects on the kidneys "that they said.".Size: 110 cm (without buckle) x 3.5 cm
Men and woman clothes

Tee shirt round hemp cotton organic

Hempage offers a long-sleeved organic t-shirt for women. The technical properties and the comfort of the hemp will delight you in all seasons. Bright and very cheerful colors for everyday clothing.This hemp and organic cotton t-shirt comes from fair trade.Very resistant collar compared to the rolling neck, it remains in place despite repeated...
Men and woman clothes

Hemp and Cotton Night Dress - Hempage

Night dress long sleeves in hemp jersey that is a pleasant material to wear, which does not stick to the skin. Compositions: 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton, 200 gr/m2
Men Hempage

Men's short sleeve jacket

Men's suit jacket. Can be worn for every day or for a special occasion for a chic and refined look.   Composition: 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton Fabric gramming: 520 gr/m2
Trousers straight cut 5 pockets Trousers straight cut 5 pockets 2
  • -10%
Pants - Shorts

Straight cut pants - L

€72.38 €80.42
Men's ecological trousers, partly made of recycled fibre (265g/m2). A straight cut, 5 pockets (identical to ref : DH541) but in spotted appearance.
Winter skirt
  • -50%
Dresses - Tunics - Skirts

Tile pencil skirt

€34.00 €68.00
Winter skirt shaped pencil, with slide on the back.Wrap or uni for the mixing color.An indemodable and chic cut, to unite with colorful tights for a fancy side!
New New 2
  • -20%
Clothing & Accessories

Wool scarf and hemp/coton organic

€32.00 €40.00
classic style knit scarf.outside: 100% woolinside: hemp jersey and organic cotton
Blouses shirts

Chemisier handles bell

Sleeve shirt with back closure. Nice light fabric that brings out the beauty of the tram. To be a woman in everyday life while being ecolole!Composition: 55% hemp - 45% organic cotton, 130 gr/m2
T-shirt V-neck pure hemp T-shirt V-neck pure hemp 2
Product available with different options
Short sleeve t-shirts

T-shirt V-neck pure hemp

Nice short-sleeved t-shirt, a pure hemp soft knit for unparalleled comfort... small V neck and casual look, an article to wear daily.Composition: 100% hemp
Clothing & Accessories

Winter cup man hemp recycled cotton organic

Here is a recycled hemp cup and organic cotton, it is thick and really soft and comfortable to wear.Get out covered this winter, gentlemen! Accessory from the Ethical and Fair Hempage collection.
With very fine stripes, this beautiful hemp and organic cotton shirt is very well cut into a light fabric, it was designed in a weaving in 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton. Shirt with a chest pocket and pressure buttons.Very modern colors that match with all your outfits, a great reference. The cup is called "slim.".
Bio winter socks
Product available with different options
Clothing & Accessories

Mid-high socks thick hemp organic cotton

High socks underneath the calf, thick and very pleasant to wear with their buckle jersey interior. These socks are also suitable for hiking and outdoor activities. Hemp in my socks! Hemp does not develop bacteria, it is an excellent insulating, it is thermoregulator and evacuates very well the humidity...
Black belt Black belt 2
Clothing & Accessories

Hemp belt

Belt in pure hemp, handmade, aesthetic, natural and solid!Adjustable. For its beauty or the benefits of hemp on the body, as you would say, our very olds that used hemp ropes and strings around the waist, for its soothing effects on the kidneys and back.Size : 102 cm (without buckle) x 3.5 cm
Men and woman clothes

Tee shirt hemp and organic cotton 200 Gr/m2

Ecological T-shirt man in hemp and organic cotton, designed in a light and fine natural weaving. Once worn, it is adopted with all the benefits of natural fibres. Jersey 200 g.Compositions: 55% hemp - 45% organic cotton, 175 gr /m2 
Men and woman clothes

Single night shorts - Hempage

Pyjamas short in hemp-graved jersey and organic cotton, elasticized waist with clamp.Compositions: 55% hemp - 45% organic cotton
Men and woman clothes

Knitting jacket for man

Hemp knit jacket or jacket and organic cotton, elegant and refined for every day. Compositions: 55% hemp - 45% organic cotton, 295 gr/m2
Echarpe rayée Echarpe rayée 2
  • -55%
Clothing & Accessories

Organic cotton scarf and hemp

€21.60 €48.00
Scarf for women and men, made of organic cotton and hemp, winter colors to match with all your outfits!To keep you warm smoothly ;-)
Long sleeve t-shirts

Raglan 3/4 sleeves

Tee shirt light woman sleeves 3/4, raglan emanchures with a V neckline. A fair t-shirt, made of hemp and organic cotton. To wear alone or in superposition with a long sleeve t-shirt for an original and colorful outfit. JERSEY 175 g/m2. Stock store available in 24 to 48H
Hemp shirts

Winter Shirt

The tile shirt is back! For the unconditional, this man shirt is designed in a hemp fabric and organic, soft and comfortable cotton. Ideal for half-season, it is relaxed and comes in 2 original colors! Shirt with a chest pocket.Composition: 55% hemp - 45% organic cotton, 180 gr/m2
Winter pants Winter pants 2
  • -40%

Winter pants

€57.60 €96.00
1 Reviews
Fold pants, adjustable and elastic waistband in the ankle.
Blouses shirts

Chemise woman

Sports and light shirt with cord neckline55% hemp, 45% organic cotton, 130 gr / m2normal fit Vegan
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Urban woman

Casual dress for woman, a trendy shape to enjoy the outdoors in peace.Soft, soft and very comfortable.
Sweatshirts and pullover

Puller of wool, organic cotton hemp

Pull for men with high neck, zipper, soft and comfortable knit.The edge of the sleeves, the base and the collar are china. A classic and indispensable article of winter.
Short sleeve t-shirts

Short sleeve tunic

Very pretty feminine tunic with its rounded shapes, short sleeves, but not too much, its mesh is very original. Here is an article that you will like to wear because it is very comfortable and it is easily worn daily!
Men and woman clothes

Tee shirt collar fantasy

Organic cotton fabric and hemp, here is a fair and certified man garment by Hempage for this summer.
Vests and jackets

Biological and vegan jacket - Style motard

Veste femme composé de 67% organic cotton, 29% hemp and more flexibility 4% elashane in a thick weaving of 310 g/m2. A "motard" cut with the lag closure, for all your exits or for the daily! Veste HempAge from organic, vegan and fair manufacturing - Certified and controlled.Single color "Gris Silex"
Clothing & Accessories

Fine organic cotton socks and hemp

Organic cotton socks, hemp and elastane. Fine, light and very comfortable. These socks are ideal in city shoes or to have the feet well thermo-regulated.Hemp in my socks! Hemp does not develop bacteria, it is an excellent insulating, it is thermoregulator and evacuates very well the humidity...
Hemp and organic cotton tunic dress Hemp and organic cotton tunic dress 2
  • -65%
Dresses - Tunics - Skirts

Tunic dress in hemp and organic cotton

€16.80 €48.00
Beautiful, very feminine tunic, it has a slightly off-line collar, super-piqûres, slightly evaporated, this pretty dress is close to the body, wears as well with legging, jean, fancy pantyhose...Very comfortable and full of femininity, from the ethical and fair collection HempAge.
T-shirts - Polo shirts

Tee-shirt man in hemp organic cotton

Fair T-shirt in hemp and organic cotton. Adjusted cut, not too wide.Ethical clothing with certified organic cotton and socially controlled manufacturing. Compositions: 55% hemp - 45% organic cotton, 200 gr/m2
Men and woman clothes

Unisex shirt

Shirt unisex hemp and organic cotton with decorative seam inside the collar and wooden buttons.Compositions: 55% hemp - 45% organic cotton, 200 gr/m2
Men and woman clothes

Jacket or vest man - hempage

Jacket hoodie without hood, with two large pockets on the front, a climbing collar to stay warm.Composition: 55% hemp - 45% organic cotton, 330 gr/m2
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Hemp and organic cotton- hempage

Your ideal ally, they pass unnoticed in your sneakers, these caps will provide you with perfect comfort in all your activities. The materials used give them thermoregulatory and antibacterial properties. Composition: 50% organic cotton - 42% hemp - 6% polyamide - 2% elasthan.
Clothing & Accessories

scarf Basic

Brush point scarf, which can be matched with the Béret and the mittens Hempage.Composition: 55% hemp - 45% organic cotton, 560gr/m2Dimensions: 20 x 180 cm
Winter hooded sweater Winter hooded sweater 2
  • -23%
Sweatshirts and pullover

Winter hood sweat

€80.08 €104.00
Here is a very beautiful winter sweater in large mesh of recycled hemp and organic cotton. Hooded sweater, knitted, linen, clamp, zipper.Here is an original model combining ethical and ecological fashion!
Jacket Jacket 2
  • -50%
Vests and jackets

Vest woman mid-season

€40.00 €80.00
Right jacket for woman, with tiles pattern.Double cursor slider. Nice and cozy fabric for mid-season use.
Clothing & Accessories


Bonnet Hempage 2018 unisex - wool, organic cotton and hemp
New New 2
  • -13%
Pants - Shorts

Hemp velvet pants and organic cotton

€81.35 €93.50
Hemp velvet man pants, straight cut 5 pockets.A super comfortable article from the ethical collection HempAge for this winter 2018.
Sweaters and sweatshirts

Light and casual sweater

Very light sweater, designed in an airy knit, to be worn on a top for a natural and casual look.The sleeves arrive at the height of the elbow and the size is slightly elastic.
Here is a nice blouse of the brand Hempage. An ecological garment made of very light silk fabric, hemp and organic cotton.
With a pocket on the chest and a contrasting fabric inside the sleeves and collar, this very fine hemp shirt comes from the controlled and certified collection of clothes offered by HempAge.A very classy garment that will not go unnoticed!Compositions: 100% hemp, 120gr/m2
T-shirts - Polo shirts

Tee shirt organic man

T-shirt in jersey 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton with short sleeves, lined/coated fabric and sleeves. .
Organic Women's Fair Trade Pants - A great reference... Soft, flexible, this weaving in pure hemp, really only happiness to wear. In addition to the Light button and closure, an adjustment is possible to size by a cord.An elegant, very comfortable pants, a slightly wide straight cut, which adapts to all morphologies!Composition: 100% hemp, 200 gr /m2
Short sleeve t-shirts

Tee shirt hemp organic cotton

T-shirt short sleeves, waxed, hemp textile and organic cotton. Easy maintenance, ecological, elegant with its wide neckline and rusty edge.. The healthy mind in a healthy garment... Made in a certified fair trade approach.Compositions: 55% hemp - 45% organic cotton, 175 gr/m2
Jacket or vest man - hempage Jacket or vest man - hempage 2
  • -20%
Men and woman clothes

Jacket or vest man - hempage

€76.80 €96.00
Jacket hoodie without hood, with two large pockets on the front, a climbing collar to stay warm.Composition: 55% hemp - 45% organic cotton, 330 gr/m2
Clothing & Accessories

Hemp belt and organic cotton - hempage

Classic belt with the Hempage brand logo on the loop. Only one size, available in 3 discreet colors.Composition: 55% hemp - 45% organic cotton