On sale on our shop from the manufacturer Hempage, you will find a fair collection of organic women's pants, hemp fabric or organic cotton blend. Women's pants jean, overwear, leggins, shorts, pantacourt, for summer and winter!

Men and woman clothes

unisex pants

unisex trousers, ample cut with a clamp and walnut button.Composition: 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton, 240 gr/m2
Men and woman clothes

High waist pantalon

Pantalon wide palazzo, with a cut ample, high size, with flap pockets on the sides and passpoiled pockets on the back, nut buttons. Comfortable, very neat finishes.Compositions: 55% Hemp, 45% organic cotton, 240 gr/m2
Men and woman clothes

Cargo pants tighten down - Hempage

Cargo pants with an ankle elastic, side pockets plated.Adjustable size thanks to a buttonhole elastic inserted in the belt. Several wooden pockets and buttons. A pants in a light fabric that will accompany you everywhere for any occasion. Composition: 55% hemp - 45% organic cotton, 180 gr/m2
Men and woman clothes

Fluid pants - hempage

Panty skirt with a high percentage of hemp, ideal for this summer with its temperature regulating quality. Neutral colors to match it with any high one.Length of leg 7/8, pocket plate on sides, natural buttons, this garment meets vegan standards.Composition : 80% hemp - 20% organic cotton, 200 gr/m2
Men and woman clothes

Short unisexe- hempage

Short 100% unisex hemp, perfect for summer! Hemp is a very good heat and humidity regulator; rounded front pocket and two pockets on the back and clamp cord on the belt. This short will accompany you everywhere and become your indispensable. Composition: 100% hemp- 180 gr/m2
Men and woman clothes

unisex trousers 100% hemp- Hempage

Comfortable trousers, unisex, 100% hemp, elastic waistband with cord, side pockets, zipper Light, back pockets piping. The perfect pants for the summer that is more respectful of your skin. Composition: 100% hemp, 200 gr/m2
Men and woman clothes

Yoga leggings - hempage

Yoga leggings, Pilate etc...Colour contrasting and decorative on the side, length below the knee. Compositions: 53% hemp - 44% organic cotton - 3% elasthan, 240 gr/m2
Men and woman clothes

Jeans Femme chanvre

Jeans with a high hemp content, ideal for this summer. In length 7/8th, buttons and nickel-free and Vegan closure. Composition: 75% hemp - 25% organic cotton, 330 gr/m2
Men and woman clothes

Leggins Yoga- hempage woman

Woman leggings for yoga practice, Pilate or simply under a dress. Made in hemp and organic cotton it is an ideal mix for sportswear, breathable and absorbent. Composition: 56% organic cotton - 40% hemp - 4% elastane, 210 gr/m2 
Men and woman clothes

Jogging Yoga - woman

Women's jogging for sport or not, hemp and organic cotton making which are breathable and absorbent materials. Composition: 53% hemp - 42%coton biological - 5% elastane, 300 gr/m2
Men and woman clothes

Short long hemp

Long short with hollow folds, coconut knobs, side pockets and swivels in the back.In large part made of hemp for better regulation of body temperature. Composition : 80% hemp - 20% organic cotton, 200 gr/m2 Vegan
Jeans cut right Jeans cut right 2
  • -5%
Men and woman clothes

Jeans cut right / organic cotton

€83.60 €88.00
Very comfortable wide handles in length 7/8 , with coconut wood buttons, details of the contrasting stitches. Composition: 55 % hemp - 45 % Organic cottonGrammage: 225 gr/m2  
Men and woman clothes

Large cut pants / hemp

Pants with a good percentage of hemp ideal for the summer that can be matched with a T-shirt striped from the new summer collection. In length 7/8, coconut button, straight cut and large pockets. Composition: 75% hemp - 25% organic cottonGrammage: 330 gr/m2
Men and woman clothes

Jeans Noir Basic

Women's high waist in black denim, 5 pockets, with a straight cut, zip and nickel-free metal button.You can add it to the sweater henley like the model on the pictures, and wear this comfortable outfit for all days. Composition: 55% hemp - 45% organic cotton, 315 gr /m2
Men and woman clothes

Leggings basic - hempage

Basic legging for women to have in her cupboards for cocooning or sporting activity such as yoga or Pilate or simply under a dress, skirt; with a good length not to be cold in ankles not like leggings 7/8. With its neutral colors you can assort it very easily with any outfit! Composition: 68% organic cotton - 27% hemp - 5% elastane, 185 gr/m2
High waist pants High waist pants 2
  • -12%
Men and woman clothes

Pants chic woman

€89.76 €102.00
High-sized woman trousers, straight cut a little broad in the lower leg, zipper, nut button vegetable ivory, back pockets.Very fashionable and ethical pants. Composition: 55% hemp - 45% organic cotton, 240gr/m2
Mostly folded organic cotton trousers, length 7/8, adjustable size,vegetal ivory buttons, double back pockets, fries at the bottom of the legs split Composition: 72% organic cotton - 26% hemp - 2% elastane, 155 gr/m2
Sports jogging pants Sports jogging pants 2
  • -30%
€50.40 €72.00
Women's relaxation pants. Jegging, overcoat...Sterling jersey, waist clamp and slim fit in the air of time... A super comfortable pants for moments of relaxation and activity!
Winter pants Winter pants 2
  • -40%

Winter pants

€57.60 €96.00
Fold pants, adjustable and elastic waistband in the ankle.
garment fair organic vegan woman garment fair organic vegan woman 2
Product available with different options

Light cargo pants - Women

Light cargo pant with seat clamps at the waist and knee level.Two pockets in front, two pockets in front, for the armchairs looking for a comfortable, lightweight and styled pants!
Slim woman jogging pants Slim woman jogging pants 2
  • -18%

Pantalon jogging slim woman

€59.04 €72.00
Fairly certified women's clothing, this jogging type jersey pants has a slim fit to be in the air of time while being ecolole! Elasticated base, graced interior for comfort without reproach.
In organic cotton and hemp, this vegan certified woman pants is environmentally and socially controlled by Hempage. Pantalon all season, it has pretty cuts on the knees and its cut makes it very comfortable.
Thick winter in hemp and organic cotton leggings Thick winter in hemp and organic cotton leggings 2
  • -35%
Men and woman clothes

Hemp and organic cotton thick leggings

€33.80 €52.00
Here are essential leggings for this winter! They are designed in a very soft thick mesh, of unmatched comfort, and very fashionable with the tone band on the side.These leggings can be worn alone or with your favorite tunic, in pants or tights, you'll love it!