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Hemp in his house ... carpet, towels, guitar strap, apron, slippers, dog leash all in pretty fabric or hemp twine

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  • 6.92€ Available

    Napkin 100% French-made with hemp culture and transformation European hemp. Size: 37 x 47 cm. < /p >Reduction from 4 copies. < /p >

  • 11.25€ Available

    Here beautiful real cloth towels 100% hemp,made in France. These cloths are very effective! One easy wiping with a cloth more natural it is. A hook corner for your support. The cloths are made with fabric "Brison" which has a flexible wire, soft and very durable, 4 different colors to put color in your kitchen!

  • 22.50€ Available

    A nice hoodie pure hemp designed in 100% hemp tissageen 230 gr / m². 2 front pocketsFell below the knee.European culture and transformation. 

  • 112.50€ Available
    NouvL Couleur

    For this new collection, the duvet cover is two-tone! One side in pure white washed hemp and one side in pure natural / white striped washed hemp. A unique product made in France! Available colors: uni white or two colors, please specify your choice at the time of order (message).

  • 81.67€ Out of stock
    NouvL Couleur Out of stock

    Fitted sheet in pure natural hemp, in 2 sizes. What unique feeling of sleep in sheets in hemp! The desire to be wrapped in something real, alive, hemp brings you all the comfort you expect to get a night's sleep RESTful. The multiple qualities of hemp offers a concentrate of well-being in a unique and refined product.

  • 8.50€ Available

    Towels 100% hemp. Can be used washcloth or exfoliating cloth ... or of course, free your imagination for other uses. Composition: 100% hemp culture and European manufacturing (Romania last cradle of textile hemp) Size: 25 x 25 cm

  • 14.58€ Available

    Nice glove dorsal hook yarn hemp, to rub his back in the shower. Effect scrub, massage gently. Ends two convenient handles for easy rub. Size 18 x 50 cm (without handle)

  • 22.50€ Available

    Great towel pure hemp mesh ... Following the great feedback from our customers onthe towelWe always offer a very pleasing result and rare this large towel. Loved for its fresh, natural and heavy side. Originality and efficiency guaranteed! Dimension: 100 cm x 50 cm

  • 12.50€ Available

    100% hemp superb towel hook made from a pure hemp yarn. From culture and European manufacturing. Size: About 38 x 60 cm

  • 12.50€ Available

    Here finally back the washcloth hemp. Two different faces, in a 100% hemp cloth and the other hook wire strands 12. Glove toillette without organic certification, but currently there more organic hemp fabric that

  • 77.50€ Out of stock
    Out of stock

    After several requests ... well here is a yoga mat made of 100% hemp. A side canvas fabric (available by the meter) and the other side in a pure hemp jersey too. This carpet is 180 cm x 60 cm. It is decorated with a bias seam 100% hemp (available in our shop) and 2 braided ties to hold it wrapped. Fiber, weaving and European clothing.

  • 29.17€ Out of stock
    Out of stock

    Towel pure hemp mesh ... Here is an original and unique manufacturing for a very nice and rare result. Tested by us, we love the cool side, heavy and natural. Made to last, she wipes perfectly! Dimension: 125 cm x 75 cm

  • 39.17€ Available

    Shoes or slippers with pure hemp inside pure wool, a lightweight shoe (320gr per pair), warm and durable. EVA sole. Made in Germany.

  • 17.50€ Out of stock
    Out of stock

    Raw hemp fiber for your crafts as packing bag, doll, chair, decoration or gift packaging (such as raffia). This is the raw fiber is carded and used for the manufacture of wire and therefore for our hemp 100% hemp fabrics. This is the same type of fiber that is used in isolation or health tightness Conditioning pack 450 gr.

  • 24.42€ Out of stock
    Out of stock

    Bread bag in hemp, manufactured in France for manufacturing, it measures 58 cm X 28 cm, you can carry your baguettes and breads not conventional. Hemp will keep your bread in a healthy atmosphere and avoid that it doesn't dry too fast!Sliding hemp cord fastening. Two handles allow to easily carry your bag and hang him nicely in your kitchen!

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