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We are a small familiy business that has found refuge in Auvergne, in the Livradois.

Our small structure, naturally hemp was created in 2005, with a need to work and promote textile hemp. Long present on organic fairs and markets, here we are now in place and effective in this virtual world that is the Internet. Time and budgets still miss to do everything or do everything, but gently ...! Naturally hemp wishes to actually give hemp the right place it deserves in textile applications, through collections or scrupulously chosen creations for their qualities and traceability of their manufacture. The goal is to participate more and more about this new revival of textile hemp, this thanks to our faithful clientele, our knowledge and the European weaving network (which create us the tissues and strings). Now that the machine is on and that hemp is no longer "despised", you have to highlight the hemp textile !!

Hemp, after being essential, never equaled, has been used by all, in multiple uses always to the qualities and indisputable properties ... the hemp has been soiled, banished and forgotten from the United States and Europe (there is Barely + 50 years old), thanks to a well-conducted propaganda aimed at promoting cotton to rotate the chemical industries that make pesticides and other acidic necessities that we are ingesting to the land to exploit it. not that hemp can do everything without pesticides ... it is scientifically proved that the vegetable fibers are beneficent for our body and it is obvious that this plant corresponds most to the cycle, resources and climates as the land and the sun have The chance to offer us ...

It is for a future where our life, that of our children and, more than ever that of our land, that we must learn to check our purchase. If it is reflected, it is a main actor on the quality of the products that surround us and therefore directly on the quality of the elements or the environment that is offered to us! It all depends on us.

Thank you all and nice visit!

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Under each item you will find the details: Origin, Composition, Certificates ... We have several types of articles from various sources:

1 - Products from our European network (ropes, strings, 100% hemp fabrics)

Preserving one of the latest networks of cultivation, spinning and weaving textile hemp, these articles come from work and setting up with European actors (mainly in Eastern Europe)

2 - bed linen and house items

We work with joy with a professional seamstress residing in Brittany who makes the linen in very small series and on demand, so we realize a careful work, with our fabrics, and the desire to offer products that will bring you a lot pleasure.

3 - bags / baggage

Majorily in 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton, collection proposed by the English brand -> "sativa": Certified Chinese manufacturing articles for the organic cotton culture and for their ecological dyes. Or, German -> "pure".

It is in France in the Puy de Dome in Auvergne that is our local shipping.

For lack of time and private choice, this local is not planned to accommodate our customer friendly ... (thank you for your understanding)

You will find on this page our own certificates for each brand / manufacturer.

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This one, you will have an accurate eye on your order and your contact information (evolution of preparation, addresses, messages, invoices, ...).

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For passing customs, supporting documents for customs declaration will be attached to your package

Artisans, merchants, industrialists, you want to work for your business with products from our production 100% hemp / Europe (luggage and clothing not available). You can avail of cheaper rates on our fabrics, twine, webbing
All purchases as "professional", will be checked and canceled, if it seems unfair.
Prices are displayed VAT, higher shipping costs (real close) ... for a small amount it is not always appropriate (eg 1m fabric or 1/2 small spools of twine.

Are offered this access (Siret number FR) fabrics, webbing, yarn, twine, rope: all products of our small network 100% hemp / European.
Bags, clothes are not available on the "PRO catalog."
Consultation of available products is under the tab: "CATALOGUE PRO" (if the account is validated by Company number at registration).
If access blocks, open your account and make an online request with the contact form

accès pro

Any order as "professional", will be checked and canceled if it seems unfair.
The prices are without VAT, higher shipping costs (real close) ... for a small amount it is not always appropriate (eg 1 meter of fabric or 1 or 2 small spools of twine.
Thanks for your understanding !

The majority of items are available immediately (unless of course they are out of stock, which is specified in all cases). Your order is then prepaid within 24 to 48 hours and shipped the same day.

We ship over the world, the cost of transportation automatically calculates in your cart, you can make an estimate before validating your order.

For countries outside Europe, French VAT will not be charged, the documents present and mandatory in this case, may in their passages in customs generate the rules of taxes specific to that country.

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