Bread in hemp bag
Bread in hemp bag
Bread in hemp bag

Hemp bread bag

Bread bag in hemp, made in Brittany, it measures 58 cm X 28 cm, you can carry your chopsticks and breads in all kinds! Hemp will keep your bread in a healthy atmosphere and avoid it drying too fast.

Closing by sliding cord in hemp. Two years allow you to easily carry your bag and hang it nicely in your kitchen!



Pure hemp fabric 100% natural, culture and European manufacture.


Machine wash at 40°/60°C, dryer allowed


Wash first time before use.


Designed to be functional, environmentally sustainable and to leave a footprint as light as possible on our fragile planet.


And of course, no dioxin, no dyes, no formaldehyde, no pesticides, no GMOs, no heavy metals. Without chemicals and hypoallergenic.

Tissue density:
230 gr/m2
Manufacturing origin
French manufacturing
Origin of the raw material:
Romania, certified by the manufacturer without pesticide/herbicide/etc
Machine wash at 40 °
Of course hemp
100% hemp
Clothing & Accessories

Clothing hemp woman Macramé

Naturellement Chanvre
Hemp belt.H handmade, nice work in macrame of natural hemp string.For its beauty or the benefits of hemp on the body, as you would say, our very olds who knew well the hemp ropes or strings around their size, for its soothing effects on the kidneys "that they said.".Size: 110 cm (without buckle) x 3.5 cm
For the house

Tea towel in hemp, made in France

Naturellement Chanvre
Here are some beautiful real fabric towels 100% hemp, made in France. These torchons are very effective! Easy wipe with a natural towel. A corner hanger for your support. The torchons are made with a soft, soft and very resistant fabric, 6 different colors to put color in your kitchen! a beautiful article that you will keep long and will soon become your...
For the house

Great linen in pure crochet hemp

Naturellement Chanvre
Large towel in hemp crochet. Can be used for the toilet instead of the glove, very airy it dries faster and is extremely soft, moms love it to wash their babies! It is also used for dishes, hand wipers or of course, free to your needs for other uses! From the most beautiful effect in your interior and very effective to absorption (after a first...
Pure washed hemp duvet cover Pure washed hemp duvet cover 2
Product available with different options
For the house

Clean hemp cover

Naturellement Chanvre
Sublime duvet cover in pure washed hemp. It is available in two sizes and ends with a fireplace.Three colors are available: - black-white chambray with a white stripe on the face of the top, the underside is uni chambray. - natural-white striped on the face of the top, the underside is uni white. - unite white on both sides. You will also find the...

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