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  • Women's tank top, comfortable and light for summer. Casual cut, length at the hips. Available in several colours to match your wardrobe!"Margin-bottom style: 0cm"

  • Tee-shirt with a round neck, a simple, fitted and timeless feminine fit.Delet from the ethical collection Hempage.The colors are said "vintage" with a worn look."margin-bottom style: 0cm""Margin-bottom style: 0cm"

  • Women's t-shirt short sleeves, curved, hemp textile and organic cotton. Easy, eco-friendly, elegant maintenance with its wide neckline and cod led ... The healthy mind in a healthy garment. Made in a fair trade approach certified.

  • Tee shirt organic cotton and hemp. Men's T-shirt, very light to make the summer heatmore enjoyable! Classic but slightly slim cut, from the Hempage collection certified and controlled socially and ecologically by the Fair Wair Foundation.Check your sizes, this small size item!"margin-bottom style: 0cm""Margin-bottom style: 0cm"

  • In organic cotton jersey and hemp with a little elastic textile fiber (spandex). a fair garment from the Hempage collection, very feminine and ideal for sunny days."margin-bottom style: 0cm""Margin-bottom style: 0cm"

  • Fair-fitting hemp and organic cotton shirt. Fitted cut, not too wide,Ethical garment with certified organic cotton and socially controlled manufacturing."margin-bottom style: 0cm""Margin-bottom style: 0cm"

  • Sleeveless sleeveless tee shirt super light and very feminine. Composed of 2 fabrics: organic cotton/hemp for the lower body and hemp/silk on the top, here is a new vaporous and very comfortable model from the brand Hempage.Collection from a Fair Trade Network ."margin-bottom style: 0cm""Margin-bottom style: 0cm"

  • Jolie tank top-shaped tunic, can be worn alone or on trousers... A small ruffle at the chest, collar and sleeves nicely worked for a very feminine side. Clothing designed by Hempage, in a thin mesh very soft ribbed. "Span style"text-decoration: underline;" -Size XS-36, S-38..."margin-bottom style: 0cm""Margin-bottom style: 0cm"

  • Hempage offers us this jersey dress, open V polo neck, available in contemporary colors very Vintage! Hempage manufacturer of fair trade clothing in hemp and organic cotton ."margin-bottom style: 0cm"

  • In a lightweight hemp and organic cotton fabric of 175 g/m2, Hempage offers us a very feminine and flirtatious summer blouse, sleeves, waist and collar are elasticated for a slightly "puffy" effect and a very romantic spirit .

  • Light and original debardeur tye and die, in color gradient. The shoulders are tied at the back for a "swimmer" effect. It contains a little elasthane for comfort. Clothing mainly organic cotton (68%)."margin-bottom style: 0cm""Margin-bottom style: 0cm"

  • Woman's draped heart cover, consisting of 68% organic cotton and 27% hemp and a little lycra for a perfect fit. Very soft and truly comfortable fabric, this heart cover is close enough to the body, it is the ideal garment for this spring that combines fashion and femininity. From the fair collection HempAge."margin-bottom style: 0cm""Margin-bottom...

  • A silk-like sweetness with an extra-fine hemp yarn. This organic women's hemp t-shirt is a luxury piece in your wardrobe! Collection from a socially and ecologically controlled business. These clothes are so soft and thin that you can't feel them! A caress on the skin... Delicate clothing, must be washed in a safety net or by hand."margin-bottom style:...

  • Here is an original and feminine T-shirt with its large high collar finished with 2 ties that you can tie at your leisure, tie or pretty knot, it is designed in a 55% hemp weave and 45% organic cotton of 175 g/m2 ."margin-bottom style: 0cm""Margin-bottom style: 0cm"

  • Pretty tunic very feminine, it has a collar a little offbeat, sure-to-be, slightly flared, this pretty dress is quite close to the body, is worn as well with leggings, jeans, fancy tights ...Very comfortable and full of femininity, from the ethical and fair collection HempAge."margin-bottom style: 0cm""Margin-bottom style: 0cm"

  • The large tote in canvas ecological for the races, the beach, the sport. This beautiful creation is the ideal solution for all outputs. Simple and elegant for everyday use, this bag carries all of your accessories and has place for shopping. Flounder in your cart can do something useful when shopping. Size: 27 cm x 32 cm - width 22 cm...with strap 90 cm  

  • Here is a light little dress in hemp and organic cotton for beautiful days, tank top style, open shoulders. Contrasting fabric at the collar and sleeves, "vintage" colors slightly chiné."margin-bottom style: 0cm"

  • Very feminine tuunique, a fitted cut along the body and flared at the hips, 3/4 sleeves, round neck, she makes a very beautiful silhouette! Here is a very comfortable article that offers a little fantasy and a little romantic side with its dancer shape and contrasting fabric. Clothing from the fair collection Hempage."margin-bottom style: 0cm"...

  • Mid-season women's pull consisting of 70% organic cotton and 30% hemp, fancy point at the sleeves, sleeves 3/4. This reference is of course derived from the fair trade proposed by HempAge."margin-bottom style: 0cm""Margin-bottom style: 0cm"

  • In a lightweight hemp and organic cotton jersey fabric, Hempage offers us a very feminine and flirtatious and very romantic summer blouse ."margin-bottom style: 0cm""Margin-bottom style: 0cm"

  • Magnificent women's heart cover in hemp and organic cotton. Airy and light mesh (165g/m2), pretty feminine style for a loose and casual fit. A sweater from the collection certified and ethically controlled by the Fair Wear Foundation."margin-bottom style: 0cm""Margin-bottom style: 0cm"

  • Light shirt to go to work while being comfortable! Shark collar, very fashionable point pattern,

  • With very fine stripes, this beautiful shirt in hemp and organic cotton is very well cut in a lightweight fabric, it was designed in a weave in 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton. Shirt with a chest pocket and pressure buttons, a superb reference!

  • Beautiful dress with a vintage look, it is designed for optimal comfort in a thick and very flexible jersey. Colors fused. Mid-long sleeves, length above the knee. Dress from the fair collection HempAge."margin-bottom style: 0cm"

  • The plaid shirt is back! For the diehards, this men's shirt is designed in a fabric made of hemp flannel and organic cotton, soft and comfortable. Ideal for winter, it is meant to be casual, a chest pocket,

  • Delet of fair trade and the HempAge collection of eco-friendly clothing, here is a polo shirt with a majority of organic cotton. Tone-on-tone striped fabric at the collar, chest pocket and button leg (non-identical buttons...). Long-sleeved polo shirt with slightly rounded finish on the bottom of the garment."margin-bottom style: 0cm"

  • Magnetic summer dress in hemp and silk for the front fabric and hemp and organic cotton for the back. A fine, soft and very vaporous dress, very feminine with its benign collar.

  • Very nice women's sweater from the ethical Hempage collection. A large high collar to protect your neck from the cold and curl up warm this winter! This sweater comes in very contemporary gradient colors, the mesh is soft, supple and very comfortable.

  • A jacket made of large knitfor women in recycled eco-friendly fibres.(p)Without closures or pockets, here is the item to have from the first cold.(p)Very flexible and pleasant to wear, it goes over your sweater, under a sweater, and matches with everything!>

  • Choose your size below and see the colours available on this storage. The Jean in 100% hemp, for comfort and absolute fluidity. A unisex jeans straight cut, 5 pockets, a flawless fall without false crease. These jeans are not low waist, classic cut!NB: the color "anthracite" is a dark slate blue..."margin-bottom style: 0cm""Margin-bottom style: 0cm"

Results 1 - 30 on 30.

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