String 3 mm hemp - sale bulk by 100 gr

Product details

  • This natural Twine is from direcetement of the trunk of the hemp plant, after all the work of mechanical grinding, the wire is made. This Twine is concerned the humidity, must be that she breathes!
  • For any type of use such as for example: define, align, suspend, decoration, scrap, macramé...
  • Diameter: 3 mm
  • Fully conditioned: 1 unit = 100 g = ~ 12 m,. 
  • If several unit in the basket is cut into a single length
  • Composition: 100% hemp
  • Processing: Processing of the fibre and neutral chemicals manufacturing
  • Origin: Cultivation of hemp and fabrication: 100% Europe
  • Dyes: (natural colour)

Packaging bulk 3 mm 3 Strand hemp twine, paintbox.

Quantity "1" in the basket means 100 gr. 100 Gr correspond approximately to 12 m.(10 quantities in the basket amounts so about 120 metres). All is cut 1 length.

Up to 250 gr, a tariff in letter Max can you be proposed during the validation of your order (€2.80)

Shipped within 24 / 72h plus d'informations

7.92€ TTC

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