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Hemp in my socks?

EH Yes! hemp and its benefits. Apart from his side ecolgique, remember that hemp is also full of good properties!

And then, my socks? Ben hemp, unlike cotton fibre, does not develop bacteria!

Hemp is insulation - it is thermoregulatory - neither hot nor cold.

What's more enjoyable and healthier than a pair of socks in hemp produced in Germany...

Try you'll see! These socks.. .you will be press review in the drawer of the linens...

  • Composition: 91% hemp – 8% organic cotton-1% spandex
  • Sizes: 36/38-39/41-42/44-45/47
  • Origin:made in Germany
  • Brands: Hempage
  • Colours: Nature, black, mixes
  • Maintenance : 30 / 40 ° machine a laver

Sock bio Hempage - hemp fibre hemp by excellence. fair trade from undergarment

Shipped within 5/12 days plus d'informations

10.25€ TTC

Data sheet

Composition:92% of hemp, 6% organic cotton, 2% elastane
Garment forMan and woman
Type of clothingUnder clothes
Manufacturing originFair trade Germany/Hungary
Origin of the raw material:Hemp certified without pesticide/herbicide/etc of Chinese origin - organic cotton from India
Social certificationFair Wear Foundation - European Association working for the improvement of working conditions in the textile industry
Textile certificationGOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard - assessment of organic fibers
Dyes certificateCertified heavy-metal-free dyes
Maintenance:Machine wash at 30 °

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