Coupons, fabric drops-from 10 to 90 cm-

At your choice, different coupons of the fabrics presented in our shop, the measures given are the minimum you will receive.

The falls are all less than a metre and can serve you large samples or even for all your DIY, patchwork, sewing...

Shipped within 24 / 72h plus d'informations

14.00€ TTC

Data sheet

Composition:100% hemp
Manufacturing originRomania
Origin of the raw material:Romania, certified by the manufacturer without pesticide/herbicide/etc
Social certificationEuropean standard
Maintenance:Washing machine, dryer allowed
Unit (Qtite basket):Per linear meter
CouncilDomestic product: humidification of its natural fiber generates its mould

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Certificat Naturellement Chanvre

Certificat Naturellement Chanvre_en

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