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Organic Women's Clothing in Promotion, here you will find in sale long sleeve t-shirt, short, blouse, top of the brand Hempage Organic Women's Clothing)

Sweat unisex coloris peanut
  • -15%
Men and woman clothes

Sweat unisex coloris peanut

€54.40 €64.00
Sweat unisex in soft, ribbed collar and cuff for a good outfit. The essential of relaxing days!Composition: 55% hemp - 45% organic cotton, 330gr/m2Last item in size M, sends 24 to 48H
Polo manche courte hempage Polo manche courte hempage 2
  • -15%
Shipped within 24 hours / 48h

Yoga dropper or not

€25.50 €30.00
Top or yoga retarder to spend a pleasant time with a respectful material for the body and the environment.Attention can of parts but available in 24 to 48h at the sendComposition: 68% organic cotton, 27% hemp,5% ElastaneGrammage: 185g/m2
Gilet col châle / Stock direct
  • -15%
Men and woman clothes

Shawl collar / Direct stock Size S

€51.00 €60.00
Women's mesh jacket with shawl collar and rib finish on the sleeves and bottom of the vest. Compositions: 55% hemp - 45% organic cotton, 210 gr/m2 Stock available in suite in size S and coloris Gobi, 1 unit available
Raglan t-shirt / in stock store
  • -15%
Men and woman clothes

Raglan t-shirt / in stock store

€30.60 €36.00
Woman t-shirt with raglan sleeves, wide neck and rounded hem. Many colors available for this basic to match with any part of your wardrobeCompositions: 55% hemp - 45% organic cotton, 175gr/m2Available immediately, stock store ( 2 in size L)
Tee shirt hemp and organic cotton / L in Stock Tee shirt hemp and organic cotton / L in Stock 2
Men and woman clothes

Tee shirt hemp and organic cotton / L in Stock

T-shirt short sleeves, waxed, hemp textile and organic cotton. Easy maintenance, ecological, elegant with its wide neckline and rusty edge.. The healthy mind in a healthy garment... Made in a certified fair trade approach.Compositions: 55% hemp - 45% organic cotton, 175 gr/m2Available immediately in stock store. Only in size LDelivery within 24 to 48 hours
Women's Turtleneck T-shirt - XS
  • -50%
Men and woman clothes

Tee shirt rolled woman - XS

€22.00 €44.00
Rolled collar for hemp and organic cotton 68% organic cotton/27% hemp 5% elastane - 185g/m2.Size XSStock store fast shipping within 24 to 48H
Side seam long sleeves Side seam long sleeves 2
  • -10%
Men and woman clothes

T-shirt long winter flanelle hemp

€43.20 €48.00
T-shirt woman winter and half-season, it is a little longer than others and its brushed weaving evokes that of a soft and warm flannel. For women who are slender and slender! Composition: 55% hemp - 45% organic cotton, 200 gr/m2
Big Turtleneck Sweater - Organic clothing for women hempage Big Turtleneck Sweater - Organic clothing for women hempage 2
  • -20%
€73.60 €92.00
Here's a good big sweater where you like to lover in winter... ball-mounted collar, chromed knit with contrasting colors. Clothing from the organic and fair collection of the German brand HempAge.
Velvet jacket Velvet jacket 2
  • -10%
Men and woman clothes

Manteau wife velvet hemp

€99.00 €110.00
Here is in pretty woman coat in velvet ribbed, collar well up to protect herself from air currents, closure by metal press buttons, two large pockets in front. An indemodible article for half-season!Composition: 55% hemp - 45% organic cotton, 320 gr/m2
Pull col/poignets à volants Pull col/poignets à volants 2
  • -30%
Men and woman clothes

Original flying sweater

€61.60 €88.00
Pchic ull with long sleeves, organic cotton knit and hemp, its originality comes from its a little vintage look by its high scores to the sleeves and base as well as its flying knit with wrists and collar!A nice, easy-to-wear sweater!
  • -40%
Men and woman clothes

Blouse printed leaves

€40.80 €68.00
Winter block with long sleeves, isheeted bicolored leaves, zipper at neck, mother-of-pearl button at the ends of the sleeves.A colorful and original article for green women!55% hemp / 45% organic cotton - 130 g / m2
Anthrasite T-Shirt Anthrasite T-Shirt 2
  • -50%
Men and woman clothes

Tee-shirt V pure hemp - XL

€32.00 €64.00
Nice short-sleeved t-shirt, a pure hemp soft knit for unparalleled comfort... small V neck and casual look, an article to wear daily.Composition: 100% hemp
green vegan sweater woman green vegan sweater woman 2
  • -50%
Men and woman clothes

Lightweight organic cotton sweater - XS

€36.00 €72.00
Hempage offers a sweater rolled in very soft and comfortable mesh. He's wearing a sweater or a subpull if you're a frillary!An essential article to be very hot on a daily basis.
Jacket Jacket 2
  • -50%
Vests and jackets

Vest woman mid-season

€40.00 €80.00
Right jacket for woman, with tiles pattern.Double cursor slider. Nice and cozy fabric for mid-season use.
Sweater / Blouse Sweater / Blouse 2
  • -20%
Sweaters and sweatshirts

Round neck

€41.60 €52.00
One block, woven, with zipper and mother-of-pearl button on the back.Fine and original weaving that lets out the frame...To wear without moderation with all your outfits. Composition: 55% hemp - 45% organic cotton, 130 gr/m2
Long sleeve t-shirt Long sleeve t-shirt 2
  • -15%
Long sleeve t-shirts

Tee-shirt drop long sleeves

€37.40 €44.00
Original woman's t-shirt, long sleeves with drip shape cut to the chest and stitches contrasting to the neckline.
"Lace" collar "Lace" collar 2
  • -20%
Long sleeve t-shirts

Top long sleeves froufrou collar

€32.00 €40.00
T-shirt woman with fantasy collar, a little frufrou to give originality and fantasy to your daily life! We don't get tired and the effect is assured!
Wool sweater and organic fibers
  • -20%
Sweaters and sweatshirts

Wool woman sweater and organic fibers

€64.00 €80.00
Very beautiful woman sweater with wrists, stockings and circular knitted collar! Bead closure buttons on the back.Exterior: 100% wool, hemp yarn interior and organic cotton, here is a soft sweater that will keep you warm all winter.
Haut sans manches Haut sans manches 2
  • -44%
Men and woman clothes

Top without steering wheels

€20.16 €36.00
Magnificent very feminine top with its very romantic little wheels!Light jersey fabric, very pleasant to wear.
T-shirt 3/4 sleeve raglan T-shirt 3/4 sleeve raglan 2
  • -15%
Long sleeve t-shirts

Raglan 3/4 sleeves

€34.00 €40.00
Tee shirt light woman sleeves 3/4, raglan emanchures with a V neckline. A fair t-shirt, made of hemp and organic cotton. To wear alone or in superposition with a long sleeve t-shirt for an original and colorful outfit. JERSEY 175 g/m2. Stock store available in 24 to 48H