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Pour ce nouveau millénaire, l’humanité a surtout besoin de matières premières se reproduisant avec le soleil. Le chanvre peut tellement nous offrir et ceci à moindre mal. Le chanvre est la fibre textile d’hier et l’alternative écologique d’aujourd’hui. Apprenons à nouveau à le découvrir, le sentir et l’apprécier, pour le respect de la nature et des hommes.

  • Organic clothing and vegan for women

    For women

    A varied choice
    organic clothing

    from textile hemp
    proposed by the brand
    German Hempage

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  • Men hemp clothing

    For men

    A varied choice
    organic clothing

    from hemp textiles,
    proposed by the brand
    German Hempage

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  • Ecological natural fabrics

    Hemp meter

    A 100% European sector

    for unparalleled quality
    and ecological impact
    still decreased

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  • Organic ecological bag vegan pure sativa

    Eco Canvas Bags / bio / vegan

    Bagagerie biologique
    sac bandoulière, dos, ...

    Hemp - Certified organic cotton and dyes
    collection bags and Pure Sativa

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  • 105.60€ -16% 88.70€ Available

    Typical sport jacket "Vintage"... A retro / < sPan class = 'scayt-misspell-word' data-scayt-word = "green" data-scayt-lang = "en_US" >Green in this weaving of mid season (350 g/m²) in jersey Terry (inside), < /.p >

    105.60€ -16% 88.70€
    Price reduced!
  • 101.40€ -20% 81.12€ Available

    Superb and nice pants midseason, large elastic band at the waist, a beautiful canvas for the rest of trousers, two italian pockets invisible front ... a perfect result for an item for everyday wear in the office or out, very chic and relaxed! Clothing from the new organic and fair Hempage Winter collection 2015/2016. 

    101.40€ -20% 81.12€
    Price reduced!
  • 98.40€ -20% 78.72€ Available

    A chino cut for women, here is a pleated trousers worked in an organic cotton (80%) and hemp 200 gr / sqm. A present right and fairly narrow cut, available in original colors!

    98.40€ -20% 78.72€
    Price reduced!
  • 100.80€ -25% 75.60€ Available

    An ecological alternatique the pants every day, here is a man in jeans hemp and organic cotton with a cut updated.Explanation of sizes down the page ...

    100.80€ -25% 75.60€
    Price reduced!
  • 110.40€ -32% 75.07€ Available

    Jeans in 100% hemp for absolute comfort and fluidity. A unisex jeans straight leg, 5 pockets, impeccable fell without crease. This jean is low rise, classic cut!These are American sizes! Click on the "size" logo below to know the measurements of the garment.Difficult to define, the "charcoal" color is a dark blue slate ...

    110.40€ -32% 75.07€
    Price reduced!
  • 120.00€ -47% 63.60€ Available

    These are casual and chic by his cut pants by its material from the fair HempAge in hemp and organic cotton collection. One cut chino, Italian pockets and welt pockets with back, passers-by belt. Fabric hemp and organic cotton 265 gr/m²                              

    120.00€ -47% 63.60€
    Price reduced!
  • 97.50€ -50% 48.75€ Available

    Beautiful winter dress, very fashion and vintage, it is designed for optimal comfort in a network of 300 g / m² with 28% organic cotton, hemp and 5% elastane. Dress after the fair HempAge collection

    97.50€ -50% 48.75€
    Price reduced!
  • 96.00€ -50% 48.00€ Available

    Blouse designed in a pleasant and very fine fabric hemp and silk (23%). Ecological clothing straight cut with a central seam and soules folds at the neck. 

    96.00€ -50% 48.00€
    Price reduced!

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