Pour ce nouveau millénaire, l’humanité a surtout besoin de matières premières se reproduisant avec le soleil. Le chanvre peut tellement nous offrir et ceci à moindre mal. Le chanvre est la fibre textile d’hier et l’alternative écologique d’aujourd’hui. Apprenons à nouveau à le découvrir, le sentir et l’apprécier, pour le respect de la nature et des hommes.

  • Ecological natural fabrics

    Hemp meter

    A 100% European sector

    for unparalleled quality
    and ecological impact
    still decreased

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  • Organic ecological bag vegan pure sativa

    Eco Canvas Bags / bio / vegan

    Bagagerie biologique
    sac bandoulière, dos, ...

    Hemp - Certified organic cotton and dyes
    collection bags and Pure Sativa

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  • 6.92€ Available

    The choice of different coupons of the fabrics presented in our shop, the measurements given are the minimum you will receive. It's not going to be a good one.The falls are all less than a metre long and can serve you as large samples or for all your crafts, patchwork, sewing...p

  • 12.08€ Available
    Bientôt dispo.

    Meditle 100% hemp - Width 150 cm- - Isu of raw thread, this weave releases a little fiber dust!segressive prize from 5 m (-10%/HT) and 15 m (-20%/HT) a single or valid weaving by cumul of different weavings - Reduction calculated directly in your basket.For furniture repairs, shading, floor/vegetable roofing, creative leisure

  • 13.75€ Available

    For the making of a curtain, veiling, cheche, dress lining, unique creation for the bride... Here is a superb weaving of hemp gauze (or stamens, butter cloth...), open, vaporous, and very supple.It's not going to be a good one.It is woven in width of about 152 cm and exists in natural and white colors.

  • 22.83€ Available

    Tnatural pure hemp, Width of 150 cm.For use in Furniture, bag making, renovation of antique furniture (chair, sofa, prior chair, organic bedding...trongDeclining prices fromtrong5m and 15m a single weave or by cumulative of different weavings


  • 35.50€ Available

    Great little travel kit for different uses, cosmetics, pharmacy, toilet, cbd, ...!? This discreet barrel bag has a zipped main compartment with extra small pockets on top and front to store your belongings. Inside, you'll find a secret and hidden pocket for your valuables and personal.Ultra-compact design, Pzipped pockets Ptransport oigned , PSecret...

  • 42.00€ Available

    Classic, purist, noble, here's un nice bag for every day.Besace neither too big nor too small. The zipped outer pocket at the back, an inner pocket and a smartphone compartment ensure good organization on the go. The shoulder strap is adjustable and can be easily adjusted.Material: 55% hemp / 45% cottonVolume: 3.91 l

  • 41.25€ Available

    Sativa's small and mini shoulder bag or belt is an elegant everyday bag with just enough space for all your essentials. An eco-friendly blend of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton The bag has two main pockets with a secret pocket hidden inside for your valuables or personal. A musket inside so you can attach your keys, adjustable strap is fully removable to...

  • 41.00€ Available

    Designed in a canvas 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton, here is a kit with three main compartments that can accommodate all your supplies. The rigid design avoids damaging your belongings during transport, and everything can be easily slipped into a larger bag for long trips. Elegant and professional rigid, perfect for work and travel, even includes a...


  • 72.00€ -20% 57.60€ Available

    Women's turtleneck sweater hemp and cotton 35% organic (recycled), 29% organic cotton (recycled), 36% organic cotton Maintenance Tips: Machine Washing 30 C Thick turtleneck sweater Fresh-coloured women's turtleneck sweater

    72.00€ -20% 57.60€
    Price reduced!
  • 67.00€ -30% 46.90€ Available

    Men's sweater with a round neck, soft and comfortable mesh.The edge of the sleeves and the collar are mottled. A classic and timeless article!

    67.00€ -30% 46.90€
    Price reduced!
  • 100.00€ -20% 80.00€ Available

    robust 5-pocket jeans, worn by an eco-friendly laser process

    100.00€ -20% 80.00€
    Price reduced!
  • 93.50€ -40% 56.10€ Available

    Seman hooded clothing with drawstring, zipper.A sporty and casual look for this mid-season jacket

    93.50€ -40% 56.10€
    Price reduced!
  • 34.00€ -40% 20.40€ Available

    Tee-sleeved sleeveless shirt super light and very feminine. Composed of 2 fabrics: organic cotton/hemp for the lower body and hemp/silk on the top, here is a new vaporous and very comfortable model from the brand Hempage.Collection from a Fair Trade Network....

    34.00€ -40% 20.40€
    Price reduced!
  • 93.50€ -30% 65.45€ Available

    Organic cotton and hemp certified chino cut trousers by hempage - organic fair and vegan

    93.50€ -30% 65.45€
    Price reduced!
  • 46.00€ -20% 36.80€ Available

    For the fall/winter 2015/16 Hempage collection offers us this pretty raglan t-shirt designed in a rather thick jersey weave in hemp and organic cotton. Beautiful open neckline and lower rounded back slightly longer than the front,Tly comfortable and easy to maintain for this "vegan" woman garment.

    46.00€ -20% 36.80€
    Price reduced!
  • 44.00€ -20% 35.20€ Available

    Fancy long-sleeved T-shirt

    44.00€ -20% 35.20€
    Price reduced!

  • 1.92€ Available

    6 string strands 100% hemp unwaxed a diameter of about 0.7 mm. Yarn for crocheting, weaving, necklace ... roll of 20, 130, 400, 1650, 3300 meters (Thread 10/6 - 100 gr wire equivalent to approximately 160m).To purchase reel 20m (maximum 4) a letter rate will be offered in the ordering process.For professional use or dealer contact us!

  • 4.58€ Available

    Pure wire 90m coil of hemp a diameter of about 0.7 mm on cardboard tube. After string cultivated hemp fiber and transformed into Europe. Certified ecological dyes free of any harmful or toxic to humans and the environment.

  • 1.92€ Available

    Hemp with a diameter of about 3 mm - 3 strands, waxed with potato starch.For multiple uses: string to stutter, delineate, hang, decorate, bind ...Breaking load 81 kgs about 130m/kg

  • 0.38€ Available

    Very nice rope 100% hemp with a diameter of 4 mm and consists of 3 strands - its breaking load is 155 kg Discount amount/conditioning from 0,40 to € 0.25 per meter of rope. Touched soft, rustic aspect!


  • 29.17€ Available

    Towel pure hemp mesh ... Here is an original and unique manufacturing for a very nice and rare result. Tested by us, we love the cool side, heavy and natural. Made to last, she wipes perfectly! Dimension: 125 cm x 75 cm

  • 11.25€ Available

    Here beautiful real cloth towels 100% hemp,made in France. These cloths are very effective! One easy wiping with a cloth more natural it is. A hook corner for your support. The cloths are made with fabric "Brison" which has a flexible wire, soft and very durable, 4 different colors to put color in your kitchen!

  • 163.33€ Available

    100% hemp carpet, 120x180cm in size. Thick in consistency, derived from fibre and European production.>

  • 6.92€ Available

    Napkin 100% French-made with hemp culture and transformation European hemp. Size: 37 x 47 cm. < /p >Reduction from 4 copies. < /p >


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