Pour ce nouveau millénaire, l’humanité a surtout besoin de matières premières se reproduisant avec le soleil. Le chanvre peut tellement nous offrir et ceci à moindre mal. Le chanvre est la fibre textile d’hier et l’alternative écologique d’aujourd’hui. Apprenons à nouveau à le découvrir, le sentir et l’apprécier, pour le respect de la nature et des hommes.

  • Organic clothing and vegan for women

    For women

    A varied choice
    organic clothing

    from textile hemp
    proposed by the brand
    German Hempage

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  • Men hemp clothing

    For men

    A varied choice
    organic clothing

    from hemp textiles,
    proposed by the brand
    German Hempage

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  • Ecological natural fabrics

    Hemp meter

    A 100% European sector

    for unparalleled quality
    and ecological impact
    still decreased

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  • Organic ecological bag vegan pure sativa

    Eco Canvas Bags / bio / vegan

    Bagagerie biologique
    sac bandoulière, dos, ...

    Hemp - Certified organic cotton and dyes
    collection bags and Pure Sativa

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  • 23.33€ Available

    Pure offers us a bag pocket belt, a flat model handy to sort its currency or to slip his small business, a bag hemp and organic cotton. 2 zipped pockets at the front, one with a zip pocket in the interior + rear: unepoche zipped. Belt clip inviolable contituée 2 rings. High: 23 cm - W: 21 cm - 1cm thick (the checkbook password)

  • 26.25€ Available

    Tiissu hemp290 gr / m²-Width 150 or 180 cm For various uses such asupholstery fabric,clothing, lining, linen (torchon..) ..Quantity discount from 5 m (-10% / HT) and 15 m (-20% / HT) valid for weaving or combination of different weaves - Reduction calculated directly in your shopping cart.

  • 1.92€ Available

    Here are some small thread spools 6 colored strands of 20m for your small jobs. The wire diameter is about 0.7 mm. This thread will be used for many applications: crochet necklace, scrap booking, sewing ... and much more! Yarn of culture and European manufacturing dyed with certified IMO control + standard Oekotex 100 dyes.

  • 36.00€ Available

    T-shirt woman finishing sides

  • 48.00€ Available

    Long sleeves with contrasting stitching point

  • 6.25€ Available

    Very nice rope 100% hemp with a diameter of 3 mm and consists of 3 strands - its breaking load is 81 Kg < /p> Discount amount/conditioning: 0,40 to € 0.20 per meter of rope. Thin, flexible and durable...p >

  • 39.17€ Available

    Shoes or slippers with pure hemp inside pure wool, a lightweight shoe (320gr per pair), warm and durable. EVA sole. Made in Germany.

  • 9.00€ Available

    Calf height socks, thick and warm, very comfortable to wear with their inner Terry. These socks are also suitable for hiking and all your outdoor activities. Hemp in my socks Yes! Hemp does not grow bacteria, is an excellent insulator, it is thermo well and wicks moisture ...


  • 56.00€ -25% 42.00€ Available

    Sweater very light, designed in an airy, to wear over a top for a nature look and mesh casual.The sleeves reach height of the elbow and the waist is slightly elastic.

    56.00€ -25% 42.00€
    Price reduced!
  • 44.00€ -20% 35.20€ Available

    Vest designed in a weaving 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton. This vest is very comfortable and soft, you'll enjoy during your summer evenings ... Simple and friendly, he is doing every day, with every outfit!  

    44.00€ -20% 35.20€
    Price reduced!
  • 72.00€ -30% 50.40€ Available

    The plaid shirt is back! For fans, this men's shirt is designed in a soft and comfortable fabric hemp and organic cotton. Ideal for mid-season, she wants casual and comes in three colors make! Shirt with a breast pocket.                           

    72.00€ -30% 50.40€
    Price reduced!
  • 53.50€ -45% 29.43€ Available

    The large tote in canvas ecological for the races, the beach, the sport. This beautiful creation is the ideal solution for all outputs. Simple and elegant for everyday use, this bag carries all of your accessories and has place for shopping. Flounder in your cart can do something useful when shopping. Size: 27 cm x 32 cm - width 22 cm...with strap 90 cm  

    53.50€ -45% 29.43€
    Price reduced!

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  • 84.00€ -12% 73.92€ Available

    Here is a very nice winter sweater big mesh of recycled hemp and organic cotton. < /p >Is cross and well amount to keep you warm, a clamping link also allows to close the collar. < /p >The colours are hunted grey, here is an original and simple model combines ethical and ecological mode!

    84.00€ -12% 73.92€
    Price reduced!
  • 95.00€ -30% 66.50€ Available

    With 70% organic cotton and 30% hemp cargo pants that man is cut in a canvas type "Twill" light (200g / m²). He is from the fair Hempage network. Ecological pants / biological man 4 pockets. With a tailored cut on the inside leg and knee.

    95.00€ -30% 66.50€
    Price reduced!
  • 92.00€ -45% 50.60€ Available

    Very feminine and fashionable, this is a small winter thick fabric and fancy dress, she has a slightly high collar to keep you safe from air currents, and slits on the sides for maximum comfort. It is quite short and will perfectly with pretty leggins or tights fantasies!< p>Worn without moderation to be flirtatious and green this winter! < /p>

    92.00€ -45% 50.60€
    Price reduced!
  • 100.00€ -55% 45.00€ Available

    These are casual and chic by his cut pants by its material from the fair HempAge in hemp and organic cotton collection. One cut chino, Italian pockets and welt pockets with back, passers-by belt. Fabric hemp and organic cotton 265 gr/m²                              

    100.00€ -55% 45.00€
    Price reduced!

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