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Here is the Hempage collection of trousers, organic and fair clothing, pure hemp or mixed with organic cotton. A wide choice of men's pants: Jeans, overwear, relaxing pants, braided shape, chic, chino...for all tastes and genres!

Hemp man pants Hemp man pants 2
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Vintage trousers pure hemp

For men or women, these pants are in 100% light hemp, a carrot cut (a bit wide hip, slightly lower leg, tightened leg) from vintage colors, with worn look for a fashionable and relaxing look. Adjustable elastic inside the waist. Fluidity and guaranteed comfort Composition: 100% hemp, 200 gr/m2
Trousers straight cut 5 pockets Trousers straight cut 5 pockets 2
  • -10%
Pants - Shorts

Straight cut pants - L

€72.38 €80.42
Men's ecological trousers, partly made of recycled fibre (265g/m2). A straight cut, 5 pockets (identical to ref : DH541) but in spotted appearance.
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  • -13%
Pants - Shorts

Hemp velvet pants and organic cotton

€81.35 €93.50
Hemp velvet man pants, straight cut 5 pockets.A super comfortable article from the ethical collection HempAge for this winter 2018.
Pants - Shorts

Cargo pants hemp organic cotton

The pants of the barders! Hemp weaving and organic cotton for these men's pants. Adjustment possible to size. A cargo style with its side pockets.Fair trade clothing.Composition: 55% hemp - 45% organic cotton, 265 gr/m2
Pants - Shorts

Jean's 100% hemp

Le Jean in 100% hemp, for comfort and absolute fluidity. A unisex jeans cut straight, 5 pockets, a flawless fall. This jeans is not low, classic cut!NB: the color "anthracite" is a dark slate blue...
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Jogging Size M more than a few pieces

Jog pants, elasticized waist and clamping link, elasticated leg bottom. absolute and guaranteed comfort! Compositions: 53% hemp - 42% organic cotton - 5% elastane, 300 gr /m2
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Men's yoga pants

7/8 yoga pants, comfortable for men, products in a fair, ecological and sustainable manner. In order to remain in place during each exercise, we have equipped the belt and the leg ends of a clamping cord. The side pockets offer space for small objects.Compositions: 55% hemp - 45% organic cotton, 200 gr/m2
Pants 5 pockets - Slim Pants 5 pockets - Slim 2
  • -10%
Men and woman clothes

Straight cut pants 5 pockets

€79.20 €88.00
Ecological trousers, made of hemp and organic cotton (265g/m2). A superb cut, straight, 5 pockets, this pants is ideal in half-season, the canvas is supple, very pleasant and resistant. For a class or casual style, our heartburn!! Clothing from the fair collection HempAge.
Winter pants (10% yak wool) Winter pants (10% yak wool) 2
  • -5%
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Winter trousers man hemp yak wool

€96.90 €102.00
Clothing pants in organic cotton hemp and yok wool, to be warm in winter! The weaving is soft, the cut is a classic slim with 5 pockets.Clothing from the Hempage Man collection.
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Jeans 5 pockets Male

Jeans basic black 5 pockets, for every day and every season. Composition: 55% hemp - 45% organic cottonFabric grammar: 315 gr/m2
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Jeans 5 pockets Male

5 pockets in hemp.Compositions: 55% hemp - 45% organic cottonGrammage: 13oz approximately 360gr/m2
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unisex trousers 100% hemp- Hempage

Comfortable trousers, unisex, 100% hemp, elastic waistband with cord, side pockets, zipper Light, back pockets piping. The perfect pants for the summer that is more respectful of your skin.   Composition: 100% hemp, 200 gr/m2
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Shorts in jersey - Hempage

Short in jersey with lacet clamp and elastic has belt, in chromed color. Very comfortable, can be worn for sport or even to sleep so it is pleasant. Composition: 55% hemp - 45% organic cotton, 325 gr/m2
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Short unisexe- hempage

Short 100% unisex hemp, perfect for summer! Hemp is a very good heat and humidity regulator; rounded front pocket and two pockets on the back and clamp cord on the belt. This short will accompany you everywhere and become your indispensable. Composition: 100% hemp- 180 gr/m2
men's chino pants - Hempage men's chino pants - Hempage 2
  • -15%
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men's chino pants - Hempage

€81.60 €96.00
Very nice to wear chino trousers, Italian pockets on the front and sloping pockets on the back, belt to passer and nickel-free button.A pants more dressed than a jeans, which is accompanied by a polo or a shirt for a casual chic outfit.Composition: 70% organic cotton - 30% hemp, 295 gr/m2 
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Jeans slim man - hempage

Slim Jeans, a cut close to the body, making it an indemodible and timeless piece of choice! Composition: 55% hemp - 45% organic cotton, 13 oz (about 368 gr/m2)
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Short man - hempage

Short with a bicolor weaving that gives it a chiné look, available in 2 colors. It has two back pockets, nickel-free buttons.   Compositions: 55% hemp - 45% organic cotton, 240 gr/m2
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unisex pants

unisex trousers, ample cut with a clamp and walnut button.Composition: 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton, 240 gr/m2