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  • 47.50€ Available
  • 15.83€ -40% 9.50€ Available

    A pretty large head-trick hat about 58 cm long. Hat from Nepalese culture and manufacture. A hemp and cotton crochet edge and top embellished with bits of hemp cloth of various colors.

    15.83€ -40% 9.50€
    Price reduced!
  • 15.83€ -15% 13.46€ Available

    A hat crocheted in hemp and cotton!There is also a good idea to have hidden a copper wire on the outside of the hat to give it the desired shape! It folds and unfolds easily, convenient to slip into its bag. Effectively protects from the sunhead tower : about 56 cm ... It's crochet, this hat will necessarily fit your head!

    15.83€ -15% 13.46€
    Price reduced!
  • 16.58€ Available

    Here are coupons and small drops of colored fabrics (end of cuts), between 10 and 99 cm.This can allow you to perform prototypes or tests or if you need a piece of fabric less than 1m.You'll find colorful Pollen, Brison, Natwill, Mika and Muss.

  • 29.50€ Available

    Pillowcase in pure washed hemp, comes in 4 colors:- white plain, with a wide inner flap and hemp knots, 65x65 cm- natural plain, with a wide inner flap and hemp knots, 65x65 cm- a white-natural striped face / a white plain face, with double inner flap 60x60 cm- one side chambray / one face plain white, with double flap and hemp knots,...

  • 122.50€ Available

    Drap dish 100% washed hemp, to use to preserve the duvet cover or if you sleep under a blanket.

  • 38.00€ Available

    Natural fabric, not dyed in hemp and wool from European culture and manufacturing . Very warm and really soft to the touch, it has a weaving side and another that lets appear the wool fleece (sheep) . It absorbs and drains moisture very well.Ideal for making blankets, plaids and winter clothes!Declined in two slightly different shades: cream and...

Results 1 - 7 on 7.

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