Travel bag

Casual and practical travel bags or suitcases on the back... Hemp canvas and organic cotton.

Bags in hemp canvas

Travel bag in canvas - Pure

Pure offers a solid travel bag in hemp and organic cotton. In addition to the large main compartment, this two large pocket travel bag on the sides and a pocket on the entire front length. Leather amenities on the sides. Discrete effigie sheet of crushed hemp.Size: 60 x 30 x 30 cm
Large backpack - Hemp and organic cotton Large backpack - Hemp and organic cotton 2
Canvas backpack

Big backpack - Hemp and organic cotton

This large backpack in hemp canvas and organic cotton is designed to last and transport your material with tranquility. Backpack suitable for large A4 folders and is ideal for use at work or outdoor use in general.Backpack equipped with two side pockets and one frontal with a mechanical and reliable closure.Size: H 43cm x W 41cm  
Canvas backpack

Big backpack

The multi-poches backpack is an ideal bag for long trips. Made from an ecological mixture of hemp and 45% cotton biological, the backpack is spacious and comfortable, with thick straps and a back padded for maximum comfort during your excursions. There are many pockets and compartments of different shapes and sizes, allowing you to store all your...
Bag accessories

Makeup kit - cosmetic - paper

Small pocket to house your makeup or cosmetics, it will also contain your small paper to sort in your everyday bag. Hemp and organic cotton pouch with zipper.height: 12 cm x width: 17 cm x 3 cm  
Bags in hemp canvas

School or makeup kit

A versatile PURE brand kit, which can be used as a school, make-up kit or to organize your handbag.Compositions: 55% hemp-45% organic cottonDimensions: Height: 15 cm, width: 21,5 cm, depth: 3 cm, volume: 0.97 l
Bags in hemp canvas

Toilet or cosmetic kit

Pure offers us in a hemp and organic cotton canvas this toilet kit or cosmetic kit. Reliable design, with a main pocket for storing all your business and which is decorated with various small storages. The flap of the bag also contains a zipped pocket for additional storage. Contains leather.Size : Width 25 cm - Height 15cm with a thickness of about 13 cm.  
Bags in hemp canvas

Blague Rolling Tobacco / Paper Tobacco Pure

In hemp and organic cotton, for your tobacco to roll or store all your paperwork in your bag. Issue of the collection Pure. Zip pocket on the back. It is often used to separate its papers into the bag (grey card, photos, ...). Possibility of sending in max letter with follow-up (3.50€ Metropolitan France).Size : 11cm x 16cm  
Bags in hemp canvas

Travel Kit - Corsmetics, pharmacy, cbd ...

Superb small travel kit for different uses, cosmetics, pharmacy, toilet, cbd, ... This discreet tonneau bag has a main zipped compartment with extra small pockets on the top and on the front to store your stuff. Inside, you will find a secret pocket for your valuable and personal items. Ultra-compact design, pzipped pockets, ptransport handle...Size :...
Bags in hemp canvas

Sativa adventurer bag

Great bag to go on adventure. A removable shoe bag attached to the back with durable metal clips;giving you the possibility to use it as a sports bag or as a simple and classic backpack.The lower bag has a waterproof lining that can be easily wiped, so you wanted to use it as a shoe bag or even as a storage bag to insert into your suitcases, we wanted to...