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Wangle samples, length approximately 10/15 cm. Choose by width or lot of all widths of this type of strap. Thickness about 2mm.100% hemp - 100% Europe
To make your choice, we offer the string samples: by diameter or complete batch.String 3 torons 100% untreated hemp- 100% Europe.Samples measure about 10 cm.
To make your choice of fabrics, here are the different samples:- Lot of all natural and white fabrics- Lot of colored "Pollen" fabrics- Lot of colored "Brison" fabrics- Lot of colored "Natwill" fabrics- Lot of hemp and wool and hemp fur (limited stock)Attention: the natural colour of samples can be slightly different from the fabric we currently have in...
To make your choice, shipped as a letter fare (proposed in the course of the order) here are samples of pure hemp natural strings and strings. Length 10/15 cm approx