Natural fabrics

Uncoloured natural fabrics in hemp 100% hemp (no linen). Manufactured in Europe, for dress mode, furniture canvas, architecture, insulation, sailing, painting. Hemp is very similar to linen.

Hemp and wool twill fabric Hemp and wool twill fabric 2
Hemp fabrics

Hemp furnace

Natural furnace, not tinted, antistatic, contains no material of animal, hypoallergenic and thermoregulatory origin.Enough warm and soft to the touch, it is not stifling and lets air flow. The fabric presents a jersey face (a little rough before being washed) and another that leaves the beautiful satin fleece of this beautiful fur.Ideal for making...
Hemp fabrics

AIGOUAL - Hemp and wool fabric

Natural fabric, not tinted in hemp and wool european culture and manufacturing. Very hot and really soft to the touch, it presents a weaving face and another that lets appear the wool fleece (mouton) . It absorbs and evacuates very well moisture. Ideal for clothing, plaid and winter clothing!Declined in two slightly different shades: cream and gray.This...
LIZERON - Large width 280 cm - 230 gr/m² LIZERON - Large width 280 cm - 230 gr/m² 2
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Superb fabric in 100% hemp, thirteen in 280 cm.Ideal for the creation of curtains for bay windows, linens such as bed linen, duvet cover...The fabric is offered in three tones:- white- white/natural stripe- chambray (black/white uniform)There is also a natural tone under the Pollen variant.Price for 1m long x 280cm wide.  
GAUZE - butter 100% hemp canvas GAUZE - butter 100% hemp canvas 2
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For making a curtain, sailing, wick, dress lining, unique creation for the bride... Here is a superb hemp gas weaving (or hemp, butter cloth...), adjourned, vaporous, and very flexible.It is woven in width of about 152 cm and exists in natural and white colors. The quantity 1 in the cart = 1m linear
Magnificent hemp canvas, extremely solid, to choose, depicting or notWidth 140 cm. The edge (on 1cm) may include some weaving imperfectionsUsed in furniture, bag design, shoe...   
This is one of the finest weaving ever% hemp, always from European culture and manufacture, natural tint fabric (fiber color). Ideal for beautiful sails, curtains, linings, it will make wonders in textile creation and craftsmanship.157 cm width (1 in the basket corresponds to 1 m long on 1,57 m wide)  
Fabric hemp color Fabric hemp color 2
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Natural fabric, hemp, from european culture and manufacturing. Washed fabric out of workshop.Exist in largeur 150, 180 cm for natural fabric, it can happen that colorful rollers measure 148 cm wide.
serge green canvas serge green canvas 2
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Hemp fabrics

NATWILL - Pure hemp - 395 gr/m2

€21.38 €23.75
Fabric sergé 100% hemp, very flexible, 150 cm wide. For use in furnishing, lining, clothing, ideal for your double curtains, natural bed tops... This fabric is washed out of the workshop. The quantity 1 in the cart = 1m linear
Natural organic fabric Natural organic fabric 2
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Fine fabric pure hemp, cultivated and woven in Europe, no treatment.Washed fabric out of workshop.Exist in largeur 150, 180 or 280 cm for natural fabric and 140 cm wide for colored (150 cm for green and black colour).  
Wing in 100% hemp - Width 150 cm - With raw thread, this weaving gives a little bit of fiber dust! For the repair of furniture, shade, soil / vegetable roof, creative leisure... 
Hemp fabrics

ONDINE - Deploying tile 510 g/m2

Thick web in 100% natural hemp fiber and anti-trafficking treatment - 510 gr/m2 in width 145cm. For use in furniture fabric, carpet canvas, bag... 
Hemp fabrics

MUSS - Hemp fabric 395 g/m2

Tnatural origin pure hemp, Width 150 cm.For use in furniture, sack making, renovation of old furniture (fauteuil, couch, chair, organic bedding...  
Pure hemp fabric, weaved chevron pattern - Width 155 cmOriginal and solid for an impeccable rendering! Ideal in matsier canvas, furnishings, furniture renovation, clothing...This fabric is available in natural, black and indigo blue. Our fabrics are washed, so they are delivered by coupons measuring 9-15 m max.  
Hemp fabric bleached, cultivated and woven in Europe. 100% hemp - Width 150 cmLight, soft and refined, for all your most delicate ecological creations!The fabric was washed by the workshop after making. You see that the quantity is not available? do not hesitate to contact us, we can find you a solution, like making go directly from the workshop.For...