We are a small family business that has found refuge in Auvergne, in the Livradois near Ambert (Alain the chef who is a lot of! Sarah, the most efficient and Laurent who knows how to do everything... Our little structure, Naturellement Chanvre, is on the ground (or in front of the PC) since 2005, with a need to work and promote textile hemp. Also long on the organic fairs and markets, we are now well in place and effective in this virtual world that is internet. Time and budgets are still missing to do everything or do everything, but gently...! Naturally hemp wants to give concretely to hemp the right place it can deserve in textile applications, through collections or creations scrupulously chosen for their qualities and the traceability of their manufacture. The aim is to participate more and more in this new rebirth of textile hemp, thanks to our faithful customers, our knowledge and the European weaving network (which creates fabrics and ropes). Now that the machine is in motion and the hemp is no longer "metrized", the European hemp textile must be highlighted.

The hemp, after being primordial, never equal, was used by all, in multiple uses, always with unquestionable qualities and properties.. The hemp was sali, banished and forgotten from the United States and Europe (just over 50 years ago), thanks to a well-guided propaganda. Propaganda aiming "maybe" to promote cotton to spin the chemical industries that make pesticides and other acid needs that are ingested to the earth to exploit it.

Let's not forget that hemp can do everything without pesticides... It is scientifically proven that plant fibres are beneficial to our body and it is evident that this plant corresponds most to the cycle, resources and climates that earth and sun have the chance to offer us...

It is for a future where our lives, that of our children and, more than ever, that of our Earth, we must learn to verify our purchase. If this is reflected, it is the main actor on the quality of the products around us and therefore directly on the quality of the elements or the environment that is offered to us! It depends on us.

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The team, Naturally hemp

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