Water-repellent fabrics

Hemp fabric and canvas with depleting treatment (Tubiguard treatment Switzerland). Anti-task treatment, not really waterproof, but very effective for water removal, oil, etc

Hemp fabrics & canvas

ONDINE - Waterproof 100% Chanvre

Naturellement Chanvre
Thick fleece in 100% natural hemp fiber and treated anti-tool dropping - 510 gr/m2 in width of 145 cm. For use in furniture fabric, carpet canvas, bag... Grammage: 510 gr/m²
THOR - Reinforced roof 100% Chanvre THOR - Reinforced roof 100% Chanvre 2
Hemp fabrics & canvas

THOR - Reinforced roof 100% Chanvre

Naturellement Chanvre
Magnificent hemp canvas, extremely solid, to choose, depicting or not Width 140 cm. The edge (on 1cm) may include some weaving imperfections Used in furniture, bag design, shoe... Grammage: 570 gr/m2