POLLEN - Large width 280cm 100% Chanvre

POLLEN - Large width 280cm 100% Chanvre

For more readability: The LIZERON becomes POLLEN GRAND LARGEUR

Indeed, the Lizeron and the Pollen were technically the same fabric with the same wires, only the width of the laize changed so we decided to gather the fabrics of the same widths, here the POLLEN.

Superb fabric in 100% hemp, thirteen in 280 cm.

Ideal for the creation of curtains for bay windows, linens such as bed linen, duvet cover...

The fabric is proposed in four tones:

- Natural

- White

- White/Naturel ray

- Chambray (black/white)

Price for 1m long x 280cm wide.

Grammage: 230 gr/m2

The quantity 1 in the cart = 1m linear

  • Natural
  • striped natural/white
  • Chambray
  • White

Quantity Unit price You Save
5 €37.19 €20.66
15 €33.06 €123.97

Prelave fabric to stabilize the shrinkage rate.

The washed fabric is packed in roll of 10-15 m maximum, they may have 2 coupons if you order a quantity greater than 10m.

100% hemp from culture and weaving 100% european. This fabric is the fruit of a pure hemp thread from defibration, cardage and mechanical wire of a textile hemp trunk (length of 4/5 meters).

It will meet the needs of individuals or professionals for various garments: linen (nappe, torchon), bed linen (drap, pillowcase, quilt cover), clothing fabric, creative fabric, wedding dress, clothing, clothing or accessories, curtains

Attention, the photos of the different colors can vary from one computer to another depending on the quality and brand of the screens and can be slightly different from reality.

Tissue density:
230 gr/m2
Manufacturing origin
Origin of the raw material:
Romania, certified by the manufacturer without pesticide/herbicide/etc
Social certification
European standard
Textile certification
REACH Certification EU - Norme La santé humaine et environnement
De 30° à 90° - Lavage Machine - Supporte le sèche linge
Place of manufacture
Unit (Qtite basket):
Per linear meter
Of course hemp
White fiber treatment
If bleached weave: Peroxide
Spécificité 2 : La couleur naturelle de la fibre varie d'un stock à l'autre (saison)
The natural color of the fiber varies from one stock to another (season)
Metric index (Nm)
Nm 14/1 - Nm14/1 (Chain - Frame)
Wire number/10cm (warp and weft)
160/145 (warp/frame)
100% hemp

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