Ø3 mm - Cord 100% Chanvre
Ø3 mm - Cord 100% Chanvre
Ø3 mm - Cord 100% Chanvre
Ø3 mm - Cord 100% Chanvre
Ø3 mm - Cord 100% Chanvre
Ø3 mm - Cord 100% Chanvre

Ø3 mm - Cord 100% Chanvre

Very nice rope 100% hemp with a diameter of 3 mm and consisting of 3 torons.

Its breaking load is 81 Kg

Discount rates according to quantity/conditioning: From 0,40€ to 0,20€ per meter of Corde.

Fine, flexible and resistant.



Cord made only with the separate natural fiber (after rolling) of the trunk of a hemp plant. This fiber is then carded what will refine it, it will be transformed into a string. This base string will form after assembly and twisting the rope shown above.

Ideas will not miss you when you have a few meters from this rustic hemp rope to the soft touch in your hands!

Known for ancestral times for various applications in DIY, interior decoration...

This rope has good weather resistance, but this one should not stay wet without being airy, you would accelerate its aging.

Number of strands:
81 Kg
Natural / beige
about 8%
8% possible on the diameter/length/strength/weight
Manufacturing origin
European manufacturing
Origin of the raw material:
Romania, certified by the manufacturer without pesticide/herbicide/etc
Use (s)
Interior decoration, baseboard, masonry, DIY, crafts...
Écologique - Naturelle - Biodégradable et/ou recyclable
Domestic product: humidification of its natural fiber generates its mould
100% hemp

Ø4 mm - Cord 100% Chanvre

Naturellement Chanvre
Very nice rope 100% hemp with a diameter of 4 mm and consisting of 3 torons - Its breaking load is 155 kg Discount rates according to quantity/conditioning from €0.45 to €0.08 per metre of Corde. Soft touch, rustic look!
Hemp thread

3 mm - Clamp 100% Chanvre

Naturellement Chanvre
Hemp string with a diameter of about 3 mm - 3 strands, waxed with potato starch. For multiple uses: guinder string, delimit, suspend, decorate, bind... Breaking load 81 kg about 130m/kg
Hemp thread

Cordon lacet tressé 100% Hemp - 2,2 and 3.5mm

Naturellement Chanvre
For your handicrafts, lace making, clothing cords, here is a cord braided in 100% hemp. Very flexible and resistant. It is available in diameter 2.2 mm or 3.5 mm, in length 10m and 50 meters.  
Hemp thread

Cordon lacet braided with soul 100% Hemp - 4.5 and 5.6mm

Naturellement Chanvre
In 100% hemp, cord doubled by a soul consisting of a cord of the lower diameter. Natural cord for solid shoe or clothing clamping cord, suspension link... Available in diameter 4.5 mm or 5.6 mm, in length 10m or 50 meters.

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