Scrap of Fabric - 1m x 150cm

Coupons - Fabrics 100% Hemp from 10 to 90 cm

At choice, different cuts of fabrics presented in our shop, the measurements given are the minimum you will receive (e.g. a coupon of 27cm is sold for 20 cm).

Falls are less than a meter and can be used for large samples or for all your DIY, patchwork, sewing...

Fabric Coupon
Product available with different options

Manufacturing origin
Origin of the raw material:
Romania, certified by the manufacturer without pesticide/herbicide/etc
Social certification
European standard
Textile certification
REACH Certification EU - Norme La santé humaine et environnement
De 30° à 90° - Lavage Machine - Supporte le sèche linge
Place of manufacture
Spécificité 2 : La couleur naturelle de la fibre varie d'un stock à l'autre (saison)
The natural color of the fiber varies from one stock to another (season)
100% hemp

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